Tyrese Gibson Teases Blade Casting, Confusing Marvel Fans

Tyrese Gibson seems to be campaigning to play Blade in a new film, but the problem is that a reboot is already in the works with Mahershala Ali.

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Fast & Furious star Tyrese Gibson looks to be throwing his name into the hat for a possible Blade casting. On Instagram, the singer and actor posted an image of himself looking dapper alongside another photo of Marvel’s Blade from the comic books. It appears that Gibson is gunning for the role, as in the brief caption, he simply wrote, “We on !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Some of Gibson’s followers have given praise to the casting, endorsing the idea of ​​him playing the new Blade. Others are pointing out that the actor is perhaps a little too late with starting his campaign for the part, as that role has already been recast for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mahershala Ali is set to lead his own Blade film after first debuting the character’s voice in a post-credit scene for Eternals.


“Who’s gonna tell him,” one top comment reads.

Maybe debuting in Sony’s Marvel Universe has gotten Gibson thinking about what other roles he’d like to take on from the comic book world, as he can currently be seen alongside Jared Leto in Morbius. Gibson is also known for his roles in the Transformers spirit Fast & Furious franchises and is expected to return in the final Firm movies to help close out the series. Fans can also catch him in Justin Price’s upcoming action movie Hard Matter with Frank Grillo and Harvey Keitel, even if Blade is not in the cards.

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Mahershala Ali is the MCU’s Blade

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Blade was famously played by Wesley Snipes in the vampire slayer’s original movie trilogy. While Snipes had been hoping to return for a fourth Blade film, those dreams were dashed when Marvel opted to reboot the character with a new actor for the MCU instead. It was then announced that Mahershala Ali would star in his own Blade film, but Snipes offered his support to the new actor. The endorsement was very well-received by Ali, a big Blade fan.

“Humbled and so encouraged by that,” Ali said of the support, per Breakfast Club Power. “Because he did not have to say that. Nobody really asked him like that. So for him to come out and say that, somebody I look up to so much. I sincerely appreciated that. So thank you, brother. ”

The MCU may have its official Blade, but for what it’s worth, the door is not entirely closed on other actors playing the role. With the multiverse very much a part of the MCU, there’s always the chance that different incarnations of Blade could be shown, allowing for Snipes’ version to potentially appear. Perhaps that could also let Tyrese Gibson get the chance to play the dream role for him as well, unlikely as it might seem. The possibilities are endless with the multiverse.

Marvel’s Blade reboot does not have an official premiere date set but the movie will be a part of the MCU’s Phase Four. A highly-anticipated Fantastic Four reboot is also planned for Phase Four but is similarly waiting on its premiere date.


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