Hulk Officially Unleashes TITAN, His Most Terrifying Form Yet

Hulk’s powerful Titan form is finally unleashed as Marvel Comics introduces the Hulk’s own Hulk, which is absolutely terrifying.

Warning! Spoilers for Hulk # 6 by Marvel Comics

The Hulk now has his own Hulk, as Marvel Comics just revealed Titan is the next evolution of the hero. In Hulk # 6, Titan makes his official first appearance as the Hulk transforms into an even more terrifying monster. The transformation shows that the Hulk has an even darker form than previously believed, changing the character’s mythos in the process.

The first appearance of Titan has been teased by Marvel Comics over the last couple of months, as the being was referred to as the deadliest Hulk ever. However, given the considerable changes the Hulk has undergone in his current ongoing series, as he becomes the Starship Hulk and is piloted by Bruce Banner inside the monster’s psyche, it was not clear how Titan would emerge. Now, in Hulk # 6, readers are introduced to Titan, who makes it clear from the getgo that he’s the most terrifying transformation of the Jade Giant yet and ready to cause severe chaos and calamity.


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In Hulk # 6 by Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Frank Martin, and VC’s Cory Petit, the mysterious being who’s taken control of the Engine Room pushes the Hulk to an all-new level. They reveal the Hulk has his own Hulk, as the waves of enemies cause the Jade Giant to become Titan in the real world. Titan emerges against the gamma-powered monsters as the Hulk cries out for Bruce Banner inside the Engine Room. Titan’s first appearance proves to be worth the wait as he rips through Thunderbolt Ross’ monsters in a dramatic and brutal fashion.

Giving the Hulk his own Hulk transformation is an idea readers have seen before, as a character named Kluh (Hulk backwards) was previously introduced during the AXIS event from Marvel Comics. However, Titan’s first appearance shows that he’s got some staying power, as Kluh proved to be Hulk’s opposite, who quickly disappeared after debuting. So, perhaps, the current Hulk run will explain Kluh and show that Titan is a darker representation of the Hulk’s Hulk. Although, given Kluh’s short shelf-life, the original Hulk’s Hulk might be ignored.

Titan’s first appearance in Hulk # 6 by Marvel Comics reveals an even darker side to the Jade Giant, who has been waiting to show off his incredible powers. Titan did not disappoint, as he ripped through the gamma-monsters with ease and quickly proved why he earned the moniker of the deadliest Hulk ever. Readers can see Titan’s official debut as Hulk # 6 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores and online retailers now.

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