Moon Knight’s Villain Repeated Thor’s Worst MCU Mistake

The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 4, “The Tomb,” now available on Disney +.

As the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer confirmed, the God of Thunder has not had the best journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He took some time to transform from a brash, young, arrogant prince into a mature king who truly understood what his people needed from him. Sadly, it came too late, resulting in many loved ones dying and culminating in Thor handing off the throne to Valkyrie. He realized he needed to find himself with no distractions, which is what the new movie is about. Interestingly, with Thor doing all this introspection and self-calibrating, Moon Knight‘s big villain took a page out of his book, repeating Thor’s worst mistake that cost the galaxy big time.

Throughout Moon Knight, Arthur Harrow has been trying to free Ammit, the Egyptian goddess who’ll judge and possibly destroy most of the Earth. It took his cult to a tomb outside Cairo, where he confronted the heartbroken Layla and told her Marc had a hand in killing her father. This caused a massive argument in the latest episode, which ended with Harrow finding Marc and firing a few bullets into his chest in the tomb.

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Marc fell off into a pool, seemingly dying, which led his consciousness to a mental plane that took the form of a mental hospital. However, while this might have given Harrow a temporary victory, his decision-making is as poor as Thor’s in Avengers: Infinity War. There, Thor, who was angry that Thanos’ attack had killed so many Asgardians, plunged his Stormbreaker ax into the villain’s chest in the finale.

He did so by flying down and jamming the weapon further into the Mad Titan’s body so he could gloat. Unfortunately, Thanos got the last laugh, teasing Thor that because he did not go for the head, it allowed the villain time to snap half the cosmos away. That error haunted Thor in Endgamespiraling him down into a depression that he’s only just getting over.

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Harrow’s tactical error of not aiming for the head in Moon Knight is equally short-sighted because he, of all people, should’ve known Khonshu’s vessel would not be that easy to kill. He used to be Khonshu’s avatar, so he should have shot Marc / Steven in the head at point-blank range, leaving no chance of resurrection. Given Harrow knows about how Marc’s mind is fractured and the deadly personalities within it, this would have taken those potential adversaries off the table and given Harrow total revenge against Khonshu.

Seeing as Harrow played the other gods in a sinister manner to imprison the drama-queen Khonshu, this would also have meant there’d officially be no Fist of Vengeance. Sadly, Harrow’s mistake has allowed the vessel and its personalities to plot again, which may result in the avatar returning to stop him and undo everything Ammit’s acolytes worked for in the final episodes of Moon Knight.

New episodes of Moon Knight air every Wednesday on Disney +. The first four episodes are available now.

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