Thor 4’s Teaser Does Not Offer Any Clues to Gamora’s Whereabouts

Thor: Love and Thunder‘s first trailer brought fans their first look at what’s next for the God of Thunder post-Avengers: Endgame. And that means … not being the God of Thunder anymore. Thor threw in his lot with the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of the Infinity Saga, but it was unclear what that actually meant until now. Apparently, it involves lots of ’80s rock alongside a new, more casual outfit. But the same trailer also gave audiences a good look at the Guardians themselves, who appear to form the bulk of the film’s supporting cast. There’s Star-Lord, Drax, Nebula, Rocket, Groot, Mantis and even Kraglin. That’s every Guardian but one, begging the question that the Guardians sought to answer in Avengers: Infinity War: where is Gamora?

Gamora’s death in Infinity War was, in many ways, the emotional centerpiece of the movie, the crux that made Thanos’ unstoppable power and eventual victory feel earned. It’s treated with extreme anguish, and Quill’s overreaction to her death is even what prevents the Guardians from defeating the Mad Titan. And while many deaths were undone by Hulk’s use of the Infinity Stones in EndgameGamora’s case is a little more complicated.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy give Peter Quill a knowing look in Thor: Love and Thunder

Instead of dying because of The Snap, Thanos sacrificed Gamora so he could obtain the Soul Stone. Like Natasha Romanoff, this meant her death could not be undone with a snap of the fingers. Instead, her character made her way back into the film via time-traveling shenanigans, with Nebula rescuing her sister from a fanatic younger version of the blue-skinned android. As such, the version of Gamora now floating around the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unaware of the events of the previous two Guardians films or any of the heroics fans have seen her enact on-screen.

Quill discovered this in a viscerally painful way when she kneed him in the groin during Endgame‘s denouement, but that only feels like the beginning of the story. It’s unlike the Guardians to leave one of their own hanging, especially since she’s not even traveling with Nebula — her only tie to a time a decade after her own. Gamora is off on her own somewhere in the galaxy while the Guardians help Thor find himself. Why not have her join them here?

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Guardians of the Galaxy

It’s impossible to know exactly what Love and Thunder writer / director Taika Waititi had in mind, but the answer might lie simply in the name of the film. This is a Thor film, and while the Guardians might be here as a fun crossover, it’s not their story to tell. Gamora’s reunion with the rest of her team is an important part of their arc. The Guardians aren’t so small that they need to tell that kind of story in a movie for which they do not have top billing.

It’s more likely that Love and Thunder will set the stage for why Gamora’s missing and where she’s gone before paying it off in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. But that sequel isn’t set for release until next year, and the Guardians’ appearance here does a good job of updating fans on their place in the evolving MCU while still building anticipation for their return proper. In any case, it’s clear Love and Thunder will have more answers for fans when it hits theaters.

Thor: Love and Thunder strikes theaters on July 8.

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