Even Marvel Fans Do Not Know the Thing’s Full Superhero Name

Ben Grimm took on the superhero name ‘The Thing’ after being blasted with cosmic energy, but many fans do not know that that’s not his full name.

Ben Grimm became known as the Thing after he and the other members of the Fantastic Four were exposed to cosmic rays while on a space mission, but as it turns out, ‘the Thing’ is actually just the shortened version of Grimm’s real superhero moniker, something that was revealed in an alternate dimension amid one of Marvel’s weirdest reboots.

Within the pocket dimension of Counter-Earth, virtually every Marvel character who was not affiliated with the X-Men was rebooted in their own continuity outside of the established world of Earth-616 as part of the Marvel reboot that nearly killed them, Heroes Reborn. While a number of the other heroes who were absorbed into Counter-Earth had their histories rewritten – including Iron Man being created by the Hulk – the Fantastic Four’s origins were basically exactly the same as their original Earth-616 counterparts. However, when the Thing faces off against Iron Man for the first time in this new world, it’s revealed that his long-established superhero name isn’t what fans think it is.


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In Iron Man Vol. 2 # 3 by Scott Lobdell, Jim Lee, and Whilce Portacio, the Fantastic Four are investigating Stark International after their friend Bruce Banner was believed to have died there the night his gamma bomb exploded and he became the Hulk as a result of Hydra. Instead of walking in with a clear head and calm demeanor, the Thing burst through a wall and demanded answers about what happened to Banner, with Iron Man and Pepper Potts taken aback by his entrance. Pepper was stunned, and then she finally asks, “You’re the thing they call… er, the Thing?“To which the Thing replies,”It’s actually “The Ever Lovin ‘Blue Eyed Thing” but, yeah, I’m him”.

The Thing's real superhero name will surprise fans.

This revelation is enough to make any Fantastic Four fan question everything they thought they knew about the Thing, until they realized it was likely just a joke. However, nothing about this name is a lie as Ben Grimm did retain his striking blue eyes during his monstrous transformation, something that the Thing is obviously very aware of.

Even though it was just a joke told in a corner of the Marvel Comics multiverse that does not even exist anymore, it is still fun that the Thing corrected someone who said his name by basically complementing his own eyes. Therefore, even though the Thing’s ‘full name’ is not canonical in any sense, it is unarguably awesome as well as evidently being the Thing‘s preferred moniker that many Fantastic Four fans probably did not know about.

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