Venom and MJ Get Amazing New Costumes In Marvel Hellfire Gala Art

Venom and Mary Jane Watson get their own high-fashion looks in stunning Hellfire Gala art from Marvel Comics artist Mark Brooks.

Mary Jane Watson spirit Venom get their own high-fashion costumes as they crash the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala together in a stunning piece of fan art. Artist Mark Brooks continued his Party Crasher series on Twitter, sharing his stunning designs of characters who were unlikely to make it to Marvel Comics’ Hellfire Gala. In the piece, Brooks imagines what Venom and MJ would wear to the glitz and glamor-filled event, as both look great in their new looks.

The second annual Hellfire Gala is coming soon to Marvel Comics, as the X-Men will open the doors to Krakow in an effort to have a more diplomatic relationship with non-mutants while celebrating mutantdom in a nigh of high fashion. The first Hellfire Gala featured some fantastic looks for both mutants and other guests, while the event served as the introduction of a new X-Men team while tying into the Trial of Magneto miniseries. Not every hero or villain gets an invite to the soiree, so artist Mark Brooks imagines what some characters who did not make the trip to Krakoa might look like at the gala.


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On his Twitter account, artist Mark Brooks shared the results of a recent poll he made about who fans would like to see get Hellfire Gala-inspired looks as part of his Party Crasher series. Winning the vote this time was Mary Jane Watson, who Brooks gave a web-like dress and Spider-Man-esque headpiece, with a stylish bodysuit underneath. Watson, who also sports black webbed heels, did not arrive alone, as she brought Venom to crash the event with her. The symbiote antihero gets a sharp look as his body transforms into something more formal.


The Mary Jane Watson and Venom Marvel Comics fan art look stunning. It’s unsurprising, as Brooks is a brilliant artist who has a knack for creating jaw-dropping ensembles. For example, his Party Crasher series already imagined what Medusa of the Inhumans would wear at the Hellfire Gala, turning her hair into a breathtaking dress.

Brooks gave the Spider-Man adjacent heroes ensembles that fit the Hellfire Gala’s high-fashion theme and would make them some of the best-looking characters at the event. The costumes look fabulous and align with Watson and Venom’s personalities in uniquely creative ways. So while Mary Jane Watson spirit Venom might not be officially making it to the Hellfire Galathe Marvel Comics fan art shows they would not look out of place if they decided to crash the celebration.

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Source: Mark Brooks – Twitter

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