Hulk Proves Fans Have His Relationship to Banner Completely Backwards

The latest issue of Hulk teases a brand new dynamic for Bruce Banner and the Jade Giant, one where Hulk might not be the monster everyone thinks he is

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Hulk # 6

In the latest issue of Hulk, Marvel confirms that Bruce Banner’s relationship with his greener other half might just be the opposite of what fans have been led to believe. Leaving the primary Marvel Universe behind for new worlds, Bruce Banner has gone to some extreme lengths to harness the power of the Hulk in a means that he can control. However, this new issue teases that the Hulk may not need to be controlled at all.

As revealed in earlier issues of Marvel’s strange and wonderful new Hulk series, Bruce Banner has turned the Hulk’s body into a starship, modifying him with nanotech and robotics to traverse a pocket universe. Meanwhile, Banner’s psyche controls the Starship Hulk from within the Jade Giant’s mind. Lastly, the Hulk’s psyche has been placed in the “Engine Room” where his rage fuels the ship via Banner sending waves of enemies for him to fight. It’s one of the strangest versions of the Hulk of all time, one that sees Banner in total control (at least that’s the idea).


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As revealed in the new Hulk # 6 from Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley, Banner’s mind and new framework with the Hulk aren’t as stable as he thinks. Case in point, Banner is trying to use the Hulk to fight a horde of Abominations on an alternate world where gamma fallout runs rampant thanks to Banner’s work being weaponized. However, a manifestation of Betty Ross takes over, unleashing a Hulk within Hulk known as Titan. In order to resume control, Banner’s psyche has no choice but to release Hulk’s psyche so his stronger self can resume control. Once done, Banner still finds himself face to face with Hulk. Naturally, Banner expects the Hulk to be just as monstrous as ever, though surprisingly that’s not what happens. While Banner runs for his life in fear and orders the Engine Room doors to be closed, Hulk does not follow. Instead, the Incredibile Hulk seems remorseful and actually apologizes to Banner.


While Banner resumes control of the Starship Hulk and leaves the dark world of mutant Hulks behind, it’s clear that his latest interaction with his other half has given him a lot to think about. In the face of Titan which has been released, is it possible that Hulk and Bruce could actually get along and work together without all of Banner’s bells and whistles? Doctor Strange and the dark Betty manifestation have both teased in this new series that Hulk and Banner’s dynamic is far more than Hulk simply being the rage-filled representation of Bruce’s repressed childhood anger from years of abuse.

Instead of Hulk being a monster as Bruce’s greatest foe, the possibility now exists for Hulk to become his biggest ally. The new dynamic would certainly fit with Cates and Ottley’s wild deconstruction of the classic Marvel hero. At any rate, this new issue has certainly created some impressive potential for Bruce and the Jade Giant going forward as Hulk continues from Marvel Comics.

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