Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Could Feature Venom as a Third Playable Character

Anyone anticipating the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 next year will surely be aware of its two playable protagonists: Peter Parker and Miles Morales, Insomniac Games’ two established Spider-Men. However, there have not been details shared about how that will be approached in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s moment-to-moment gameplay between both characters.

Because it does not release until an undisclosed time next year, it is anyone’s estimate how this will be approached. Other rumors and speculation have wondered how Venom will affect Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s gameplay, and if particular symbiote-inspired suits will be introduced. Now, a rumored leak, if true, may offer more information on how Peter and Miles will be interchangeable, as well as the potential for a third playable character.


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Recently, Redditor u / Command-Grab has shared an anonymous leaker’s post suggesting that an internal email had been exposed from Insomniac. The leaker states that Miles and Peter will only be interchangeable during free-roam, with scripted missions reserved for each character. Interestingly, however, the anonymous leaker has shared that there is “a third character who mixes into all of this but cannot free roam.” This character is purportedly said to have “a different playstyle that straight up kills people and uses smoke, projectiles, and a type of organic or artificial tentacles.”

The anonymous leaker’s information points toward either Venom or a “black suit Peter,” though they also suggest that an earlier leak claimed it could be Yuri Watanabe’s Wraith. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows‘own black-suited Spider-Man features aggressive combat with tendril strikes and the ability to swap between the red-and-black suit and the symbiote at will. However, the alleged leak details that this “third playable character” would not be available in free-roam outside dedicated missions.

Because of how fun open-world traversal could be with Insomniac’s take on the symbiote, it would be unfortunate to hear if it was only available in scripted levels instead. But if this leak is correct, then that may well be what fans can expect to look forward to.

The detail about “smoke” is interesting due to smoke not being a traditional characteristic of the symbiote. If Insomniac is truly intending on innovating on the alien substance and the effects it has on its hosts, smoke might be a byproduct of some sort of evasion mechanic where the symbiote can instantly transmit across predetermined distances as opposed to a regular somersault or dash dodge.

In the meantime, until any information is confirmed, all alleged leaks should be received lightly. Many fans would surely be pleased with the idea of ​​some gameplay adaptation with the symbiote that could impact combat and traversal, whether that is as Venom themselves or as a black-suited Spider-Man, but only time will tell if that becomes a reality in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is currently scheduled to release in 2023 for PS5.

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