Scarlet Witch’s Hellfire Gala Costume Is The Look She Always Deserved

Scarlet Witch’s Hellfire Gala costume gives the hero a magical new look that showcases her incredible powers like never before.

Warning! Potential spoilers for Marvel’s Hellfire Gala event below

In a magical new costume for the upcoming Hellfire Gala event, Scarlet Witch gets a high-fashion ensemble that gives the hero a look she always deserved. In a gorgeous design from artist Russell Dauterman, Wanda Maximoff trades in her usual stunning Marvel Comics costume for something more elegant. As a result, she gets a new spellbinding look that shows the hero’s incredible powers and beauty.

While not all of Scarlet Witch’s costumes have been winners over the years, especially her mid-90s appearance, the magic-user has sported some of the most iconic outfits worn by Marvel Comics characters. From the beginning, Jack Kirby’s design, which featured Scarlet Witch’s iconic red headpiece and costume, set the stage for one of Marvel’s best-looking heroes. Over the years, the publisher would play with the look, with the core concept remaining intact. Now, Marvel is giving Wanda Maximoff a new high-fashion Hellfire costume that beautifully shows off her magical side, as she’s rarely looked better.


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As part of the many new high-fashion outfits for the upcoming Hellfire Gala from Marvel Comics, Scarlet Witch received a beautiful costume courtesy of artist Russell Dauterman. The look pays tribute to the hero’s most famous ensemble but makes it even more magical. Her headpiece sparkles and goes around her entire face, turning into a stunning piece of jewelry. Scarlet Witch’s two-piece body is gorgeous, as it’s accented by a starry effect on the skirt. Meanwhile, Wanda’s hair also has a magical, star-like effect, as it creates an aura around the hero that helps showcase her incredible powers.

It is not easy to do a redesign for a hero whose costume is already one of the best and most beloved in the pages of Marvel Comics. However, by embracing her magical side, the high-fashion Hellfire Gala ensemble worn by Scarlet Witch ends up being the look she’s always deserved. It’s a fantastic outfit for the hero and would not look out of place as her main costume in the Marvel Universe – it’s that good.

The second annual Hellfire Gala from Marvel Comics will feature some jaw-dropping looks, but it’s hard to imagine many heroes who will be more fashionable than Scarlet Witch. Dauterman’s design gives the spellcasting hero a costume that fits her powers while also matching the event’s high-fashion dress code. There’s little question that Scarlet Witch will turn heads at the Hellfire Gala with the look as she’s destined to appear on some best-dressed lists with her new costume.

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