The MCU’s Peter Parker Always Had His Spider-Sense

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peter Parker’s journey as Spider-Man gets covered through his high school years. As this was an era of the character never widely explored in previous iterations, it created a chance for filmmakers to test out new concepts and flesh out the character’s foundations before making him the friendly neighborhood hero fans knew. As a result, ideas like his spider-sense got nurtured early on, and audiences saw him develop and understand this power. But while it looked like Peter gained his spider-sense as a latent ability, it’s entirely possible that he always had a power he subconsciously held back.

Peter Parker, since the comics, has endured bouts of confidence issues where he may not feel 100 percent himself, whether due to problems in his personal life or hero life. As a result, his powers have gone on the fritz on more than one occasion. In Spider-Man 2, this was shown perfectly as his secret love for Mary Jane Watson made him lose his powers temporarily. But since Peter was still a kid in Captain America: Civil War, he did not fully understand his abilities yet and had low confidence in himself. However, Civil War was also the film that may have initially introduced his spider-sense.

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When Spider-Man gets introduced to Team Cap, he’s shown with Roger’s shield. However, hidden under it was Ant-Man, who was ready to spring Cap’s trap. Ant-Man grew and hit Spidey with an uppercut, unbeknownst to anyone but Peter. But right before it happened, Peter noted that something felt wrong. A similar occurrence happened when he took on Falcon and Bucky at the airport terminal. After getting away from Falcon, his eyes grew big, and he said, “Oh God!” before he turned to dodge a piece of metal flying right at him. Since his reaction was similar to how he’d reacted in previous iterations, it’s hard not to argue that it was his spider-sense in action.

Peter’s ability would officially debut in Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos’ invasion began on Earth and later gained more prominence in Spider-Man: Far From Home as the “Peter tingle.” But why his powers only grow in later films probably has to do with how he carried himself on Team Iron Man and the confidence it gave him. Peter was just a kid and excited to meet and work with the Avengers. Because of this, he put a ton of pressure on himself to perform and look great. He felt the most at home with his abilities in those moments, and his new suit only helped with his confidence. As a result, it was much easier for him to access his spider-sense, which snuck through when he was most comfortable.

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Spider-Man’s confidence would only continue to grow as he got older, and when he learned to rely on his wits against Mysterio, he gained another notch in his belt for being his own person, no longer tied to a mentor. Town Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter had finally grown into the person he would be for the rest of his life, and it allowed him more time to get acquainted with his spider-sense. Because of this, his confidence soared and allowed him to make some of the hardest choices of his life.

The MCU’s Peter may not have always understood the full extent of his powers while in high school, but that never stopped him from being a hero. In a way, his spider-sense got treated as a rite of passage that he earned after facing some dangerous threats. And in return, it helped him keep bad situations from getting worse, and as his career as a hero blossoms, it will continue to be there, as long as he believes in himself and others around him.

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