Jake Lockley’s Moon Knight Costume Would Look Different To Marc’s

Third identity Jake Lockley’s Moon Knight superhero suit would look very different from Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s white costumes.

Warning: Spoilers for the Moon Knight finale below.

The Moon Knight costume designer explains how Jake Lockley’s Moon Knight suit would look different from Marc Spector’s. The MCU series focuses on Marc who wrestles with dissociative identity disorder (DID), a psychological disorder that causes him to have multiple distinct identities. Throughout the entire series, both Spector and alternate identity Steven Grant, were prominently featured as avatars for the Egyptian god Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham). However, actions that both Marc and Steven could not explain would occur leaving the possibility for a third unidentified identity. The Moon Knight final post-credits scene revealed a third alter: Jake Lockley.


When Marc or Steven accept the power of Khonshu and become Moon Knight, they are imbued with extraordinary abilities and a white costume. Marc’s suit is in line with the typical superhero aesthetic, complete with hood, cape, and crescent moon on his chest. Steven’s appearance looks more like a tailored suit with a tie and a jacket. When Lockley was revealed, he killed Harrow in cold blood much to Khonshu’s satisfaction. However, the third identity was not wearing a Moon Knight suit, but was dressed in casual street wear.

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The Direct sat down with Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik to discuss the hero’s suits and what a possible Lockley outfit may look like. When asked if there was a costume designed the third identity, Kasperlik revealed that there was not one for Jake due to the secrecy surrounding his reveal, but she envisioned a potential suit to be far darker the white designs of Marc and Steven’s. Read what the designer said below.

“I think I would make it darker. I would make it probably the black one, the black costume that’s in the comics. I would definitely start there. This is nothing that they’ve ever done, this is just me. Those suits are so amazing, and you just never know. But there was nothing that was ever, ever done. “

Moon Knight Ending Explained Jake Lockley Post Credits

The MCU show differs from the comics in that Marc and Steven both have the ability to directly change the appearance of the Moon Knight costume, each somewhat reflecting their personality. With Lockley being darker in nature, it would be understandable as to why Kasperlik would choose one of the darker costumes as depicted in the comics as his suit of choice. Unfortunately, no details on Moon Knight season 2 or Lockley’s return have yet to be revealed.

Since Moon Knight’s first Marvel Comics appearance in 1975, he has donned a variety of costumes. From a more robust armored look, to the Mr. Knight suit, to the futuristic 2099 suit of armor, to the sleek designs from the Ultimate series, the MCU series has plenty of outfits to draw inspiration. Although Moon Knight season 2 has yet to be greenlit, Lockley’s appearance at the end of the series finale have left many speculating as to how the series would depict his full superhero form.

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Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney +.

Source: The Direct

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