Let’s Talk About: Disney + MCU Shows. How do you rank them?

Hello IGN readers, here is our first of many Let’s Talk About entries coming in May. This space is where we ask for your thoughts and opinions on various topics across games and entertainment. You may have seen or participated in our last one on Elden Ring, where many joined in and shared their favorite Elden Ring deaths.

Now that the first season of Moon Knight has concluded, we want to hear your thoughts on where you rank the latest MCU series on the list against the others on Disney +. So far we’ve gotten Wandavision, Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, What if ?, Hawkeye, and most recently Moon Knight. Feel free to use your own metrics and criteria when sharing your opinion. Make your list based on characters, CGI, writing, direction, humor, or whatever else you feel stands out. I’m sure some of you will definitely have some disagreements with others making their lists, but let’s keep it kind and civil lest you incur Khonshu’s vengeance.

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