What Will Jake Lockley’s Suit Look Like? How It’ll Be Different

Moon Knight episode 6 finally introduced the Jake Lockley persona. What costume will he get, and how will it differ from Marc and Steven’s?

Warning: Spoilers for Moon Knight episode 6

Moon Knight’s Jake Lockley could get his own unique costume when the character makes his MCU return. After setting him up in previous episodes, the Disney + series officially unveiled the titular superhero’s third alter in the season finale’s post-credits scene. The mysterious character stood revealed as Khonshu’s secret ally against evil.

Though this was the show’s first mention of Jake Lockley, his presence in the MCU was not entirely unexpected. The killings that Steven denied responsibility for and the second sarcophagus in Moon Knight episode 4 were strong hints of a third personality sharing Marc’s body. This fit with the comics, considering that Marc, Steven, and Jake were his original alters. So far, not much has been revealed about his backstory, but it’s already become apparent that he’s the most violent of Moon Knight’s personalities. This is also true of the comic book version, who was depicted as a cab driver with a New York accent.


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Since both Marc and Steven are capable of manifesting their own Moon Knight suits, it stands to reason that Jake shares this ability. For this reason, it’s worth wondering what his costume will look like. The comics do not provide a clear answer since Moon Knight’s Steven and Jack alters did not get their own individual costumes. However, Moon Knight’s comic history should present Marvel with plenty of options for Jake’s MCU look, not unlike how it used the Mr. Knight design for Steven. Arguably the strongest candidates for his costume are the armored look from the 2010s, Earth-X, and Ultimate designs, simply because of how different they are to the other two costumes. On account of how the black colors would represent the dark nature of Jake Lockley, the armored designs associated with relaunches like Marvel Now! Spirit All-New All-Different could be the best fit.

Moon Knight Black White Armor Comics

The decision to use Mr. Knight as Steven’s costume indicates that Marvel’s intention was to ensure that like the Steven and Marc personalities, their suits would be inherently different from the other two. That’s why it makes sense that Moon Knight will apply the same idea to Jake, especially since Moon Knight has positioned him to be a much a darker and violent character. To that end, it’s likely that Marvel will seek to avoid any suit that resembles his classic white outfit. Since it was the primary inspiration for Marc’s Moon Knight costume, giving Jake any of his suits from the older comics would create too many similarities to what the MCU has already used.

By going with the aforementioned black-and-white armored look or perhaps even the Earth X or Ultimate designs for Jake Lockley, Moon Knight season 2 – or whatever his next MCU outing is – can continue to demonstrate the stark differences between the hero’s three altars. And based on how Jake seemingly defeated Arthur Harrow when Steven and Marc could not, his version of Moon Knight could turn out to be the most powerful one of them all.

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