Moon Knight Director Breaks Down THAT Character’s MCU Debut

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab discusses the series finale’s mid-credits scene, which introduces viewers to a character from Marvel Comics lore.

The character of Jake Lockley made his official Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the mid-credits scene in Moon Knight‘s series finale.

Mohamed Diab, who directed the Moon Knight finale in addition to three previous episodes, spoke with Variety about the way Jake was written into the closing moments of the episode. “Everything you see in the show is a trial and error, a process that we all went through. There were so many endings – like, not completely different endings, but just, let’s stop here, let’s stop here, let’s stop here,” Diab explained. “I think maybe the third or fourth draft, everyone knew that this would be the very last scene. But how much of Jake we’re seeing is something that we discussed for a longer time.”

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Diab continued, “I think we made the best decision. Everyone wants to know more about Jake. But if we would have introduced him in the show without really giving him the time to develop and be a full character like Mark and Steven, it wouldn ‘t have been fair to him. I think now we opened the door. If there is an expansion one day – which I hope there is, which I do not know that there is – I could be a part of it and Jake can have his time to shine. “

In the comics, Jake Lockley is an alternate identity that Marc Spector uses so that he can mingle with criminals in the underworld to gain information. Fans suspected Moon Knight would introduce Jake Lockley after the third episode teased another identity besides Marc and Steven Grant. Episode 5 of the series also included several shots of a yellow taxi cab, which fans interpreted as a nod to Lockley’s job as a taxicab driver in the comics.

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With Jake now introduced, fans will have to wait to see where and when the identity pops up next, as the second season of Moon Knight has not been confirmed by Marvel. Despite the lack of confirmation about his future in the MCU, Oscar Isaac, who stars as Moon Knight, revealed that he would be interested in reprising the role in other projects, whether it was another limited series or a feature film. “There’s definitely no official plans to continue it,” he said. “I think it would depend on what the story is.”

Isaac previously mentioned in February 2022 that Moon Knight’s future depended “on whether people see the freakin ‘show first. If they see it, then maybe we’ll see more Moon Knight.” He continued, “But I love playing [Moon Knight]. Particularly Steven. I hope I get to visit him again. I love him so much. I feel he’s someone real, who lives in the world. It’s been a long time since I felt that kind of connection. “

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney +.

Source: Variety

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