The Loyalty Between X-Men Students Inspires Them to Defy Professor X

When Professor X secretly exiles former X-Men student Oya, Oya’s past classmates are eager to help her any way they can, even if they get in trouble.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Sabretooth # 3, now on sale from Marvel Comics.

Ever since the X-Men established the mutant nation of Krakow, the government of Krakow has been bursting with secrets. Officially, Krakow is ruled by a Quiet Council comprised of twelve mutants from varying backgrounds and experiences. However, there are certain mutants who will take the fate of Krakoa into their own hands, even if it means betraying the trust of the citizens of Krakoa.

Professor X and Magneto did this several times: not only when they secretly collaborated with Moira MacTaggert and Mister Sinister to create Krakoa, but also when they sentenced a small number of mutants to the Pit of Krakoa after holding secret trials. In the Pit, these mutants united with Sabretooth and began planning an escape. One tactic they decided to use was to tell their friends on Krakoa’s surface about these illegal trials and try to gain their sympathy.

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In Sabretooth # 3 (by Victor LaValle, Leonard Kirk, Rain Beredo and VC’s Cory Petit), Sabretooth explained to the other mutants in the Pit that he figured out how to manifest an avatar of himself comprised of natural elements on Krakoa’s surface. Although their bodies were trapped in the Pit, they could use these natural avatars to talk to their friends and explain the situation they were in. Oya and Nekra patrolled the beach through their avatars, and ran into Roxy, one of Oya’s old classmates at the Jean Gray School.

After the disappearances of Oya and Nekra, Roxy had assumed they had died, and she was looking for proof of their deaths so they could be resurrected. However, when Roxy learned what really happened to them, she promised to help, even if it meant defying Professor X. Attending the Jean Gray School together created a bond between Roxy and Oya, and this loyalty was so strong that it drove Roxy to try and help Oya even though she knew she could get in trouble for it.

Though Roxy and Oya were not close friends at the Jean Gray School, just attending the school together gave them shared experiences and common ground. They were both present for major events such as the Schism of the X-Men and the Phoenix Five disaster.

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In the countless times the school was attacked by enemies of mutantkind, Roxy and Oya were both there defending the school. As a result, they felt a sense of trust with other X-Men students who had been through the same things as them. Though the former students of the Jean Gray School were on Krakoa now, the sense of trust and loyalty they developed with each other still remained.

This loyalty helped Oya reach out to Roxy, as well as other mutants on Krakoa. Though Professor X and Magneto had certainly done a lot of good for mutantkind, the citizens of Krakoa knew better than to trust them unquestioningly, and instead trusted each other and stuck by each other.

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