America Chavez’s Mothers In The Comics (& What Happened To Them)

Doctor Strange 2 only briefly shows America Chavez’s mothers. Here’s who are Amalia and Elena Chavez in the comics, and what happens to them.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduced multiversal traveler America Chavez and a mysterious backstory about her mothers – but who are Amalia and Elena Chavez, and what happened to them in the comics? Doctor Strange 2 did not show much of America Chavez’s (Xochitl Gomez) past, as even her name was made known to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) after the second fight between Stephen and America and the demonic monsters sent after her. However, a bit of America’s story was revealed by a shop she and Stephen encountered on Earth-838, letting passers-by see their memories play out on a screen.


This led to deeply emotional memories from both Stephen and America being played out before their eyes, allowing the pair to understand more about each other and foster some trust between them. It also offered a glimpse of the backstory of America Chavez, who would’ve appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home had it been released after Doctor Strange 2 as initially planned. In America’s memory in Doctor Strange 2two women could be seen walking with a younger America and hugging her before being swallowed by a star-shaped interdimensional portal, accidentally created by America but for which she always felt guilty, as it made her mothers disappear.

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Yet, in the original Marvel comics, Amalia and Elena Chavez’s story is quite different. Both medical researchers from the Bronx, Amalia was a microbiologist, while Elena was a pathologist. The Utopian Parallel, which America believed to be in another universe in Doctor Strange 2, was instead a private island of Long Island owned by billionaire Mr. Gales. In America Chavez: Made in the USA volumes 3 and 4, it’s revealed that Amalia and Elena died protecting America and other children that were experimented on by Mr. Gales in a bid to escape the Utopian Parallel’s facility.

Made in the USA volume 3 elena amalia chavez america chavez

America’s ability to create star-shaped portals, along with her many other abilities that weren’t revealed in Doctor Strange 2, resulted from her time in this Utopian Parallel. Mr. Gales’ island housed many young girls affected by Edges Syndrome; a fictional genetic disease America also showed symptoms of. The island’s medical facility had a chamber where the island’s magic helped the girls release their blocked energy caused by the symptoms of Edges Syndrome, which also inadvertently caused America to develop powers. Despite being against the experiment at first, Elena and Amalia Chavez decided to still enroll America in the program, as it was the only chance she had at fighting Edges Syndrome.

America Chavez: Made in the USA volume 4 showed how, when America was found to be in remission, Elena and Amalia decided to run away and free all the girls hosted at the facility. Amalia sacrificed herself by blowing up the facility with her inside to give Elena, America, and the other girls a chance to run away. Unfortunately, Mr. Gales had predicted the betrayal, and he found them. Gales shot Elena, and while America and the girls were able to fight back, Elena Chavez died in front of America and her sister Catalina, who ended up getting separated from America when the latter accidentally opened a star-shaped portal and fell through it.

Naturally, Doctor Strange 2 did not have time to explain America’s full backstory, as even in the comics, her mothers’ fate was revealed much later in her origin story. Still, whenever the MCU focuses more comprehensively on America Chavez, her mothers and their story could reappear, especially considering how important they were for America’s character growth. From the little it did show; however, Doctor Strange 2 managed to empathically depict America’s tragic and complicated past condensed into a single, highly emotional scene.

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