Moon Knight Finale Has a Sneaky Bill Sienkiewicz Easter Egg

This story contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters.”Moon Knight‘s final episode included a blink-and-miss-it Easter egg dedicated to the legendary comic artist, Bill Sienkiewicz.

A post-credit scene following Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters” saw Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow placed in a psychiatric hospital, similar to the hallucinations had by Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector / Steven Grant in previous episodes. However, the scene shows a mysterious figure breaking Harrow out of the hospital and, as he is wheeled into a white limousine holding the Egyptian god, Khonshu, the sign over the building’s entrance reads, “Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital.”

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An artist for both Marvel and DC, Sienkiewicz is known for his Marvel Comics runs on New Mutants, Elektra: Assassin and, of course, Moon Knight. After Moon Knight debuted in Werewolf by Night # 32 in 1975, created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, the character became popular enough that fans – and Marvel – wanted to see more of him. Sienkiewicz was tasked with drawing Moon Knight for guest appearances in multiple issues of Hulk! Magazine, where he created a completely new design for the character. In the 1980s, Moon Knight received his own ongoing solo series with Moench and Sienkiewicz as the main creative team.

Sienkiewicz’s name-drop was not the only comics-related Easter egg hidden in the series. Shortly after Moon Knight premiered on Disney +, fans discovered that Marvel had hidden free comic book Easter eggs in the episodes using QR codes. The first two QR codes lead to 1975’s Werewolf at Night # 32 spirit # 33, which feature Moon Knight’s Marvel Comics debut.

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According to executive producer Grant Curtis, the QR codes were to offer new fans a way to educate themselves on Moon Knight’s origins for free. “It was a way to introduce a character to most of the population that would not have had the chance to read those issues otherwise,” Curtis said. “It was really trying to show the true tapestry that is Moon Knight throughout the ages.”

In the comics, Marc Spector is a mercenary who is given a second chance when the Egyptian god Khonshu gives Marc the opportunity to redeem his violent life. Khonshu makes him the bearer of the god’s powers on Earth, or “the Fist of Khonshu,” instructing Marc to use his new powers to protect and avenge the innocent.

Marvel’s Moon Knight Disney + series consisted of six episodes, in which Oscar Isaac portrayed mercenary Marc Spector and Moon Knight’s alter-ego, as well as British gift shop employee Steven Grant and his alter-ego, Mr. Knight, a more subdued version of the hero. Along with Isaac, Moon Knight also starred Hawke as Arthur Harrow, the series’ primary antagonist and villainous cult leader, who seeks to enact the “justice” of the Egyptian goddess, Ammit, upon the world.

All six episodes of Moon Knight are now available to stream on Disney +.

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