VENOM # 11 Will Give The Sleeper Symbiote A New Host This August … And A Badass New Look And Name

Marvel Comics has released a first look at this August’s Venom # 11and the cover puts the Sleeper symbiote front and center as the fan-favorite supporting character gets a new host, costume, and name.

Writers Al Ewing and Ram V have reshaped the Marvel Universe’s symbiote mythos alongside artist Bryan Hitch, and in this August’s Venom # 11they’ll begin a new three-part story titled “Venomworld.”

In that, we’ll see Eddie and Dylan Brock’s journey take a sharp turn as they deal with the shocking revelations of Venom # 10. Dylan is still at the mercy of Bedlam, while Eddie battles his way across the cosmos, discovering more about the symbiotes than ever before. And the hits keep coming as the Sleeper symbiote finally joins the fray with a deadly and badass new look.

“Working on Venom has been a surprise, honestly. I was not really familiar with the symbiote world before I drew the first pages of issue 1 but it’s been a hugely entertaining world to explore,” Hitch says. “Al and Ram’s story (and it is a massive long-form epic) has given me so many different threads to play with from personal drama and urban action to all of space and time.”

“I had to learn to draw cats for this book, not just symbiotes and Sleeper has become a favorite one to play with. We haven’t seen him too much but that’s about to change as he’s getting serious and upping his game,” the artist adds. “He’s bringing a new element and a new player into the symbiote world with Sleeper Agent. Chemical and biological warfare. This cover reveal is really only the first phase of Sleeper Agent’s look. They are symbiotes, after all.”

The character has been a breakout star in Venom over the past few years, and we’re intrigued to find out who is beneath this particular alien costume. He certainly looks pretty formidable, anyway.

You can take a closer look at Sleeper Agent below. Stay tuned for more details on Venom!



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