Overlooked Mistakes that MCU Heroes Have Made

Although these MCU heroes have worked hard to protect those around them, there are some actions that have been overlooked despite their catastrophic results. While often regretted in the aftermath, the attempt to rectify their mistake is deemed heroic, despite the cascade of problematic events.

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While there is some justified frustration that these heroes have not been held accountable for their actions, there is some reassurance in how superheroes can be humanized by making mistakes. However, at such a great cost and with the weight of responsibility being so heavy on these heroes shoulders, the dreadful consequences cannot be simply overlooked.

Star-Lord Attacking Thanos

While Star-Lord’s rational sense was overshadowed by grief over the loss of Gamora, he yells “You did not [have to do it]! ” Fans can not help but wonder what would have transpired if Star-Lord did not do it either, giving in to his rage and attacking Thanos, allowing him to regain control of the gauntlet.

Although Thanos overpowered the Avengers and snapped his fingers, what would have happened if they had initially succeeded in removing the gauntlet? Doctor Strange had stated he saw 14,000, 605 possible futures but only one where they succeeded. All of that could have been prevented with just a little practice with deep breathing exercises.


Openly Threatening Mandarin

Although Tony is relatively rational and strategic, he can be just as impulsive in moments of frustration, anger, or arrogance. While exiting Happy Hogan’s hospital room, Tony is bombarded by journalists asking insensitive questions leading him to lash out and openly challenge the Mandarin. To silence the voices questioning him, he publicly deemed the Mandarin to be a coward, claiming he’s not afraid of him, seeks revenge, and moreover he provides his home address, mocking him with a snarky comment about leaving the front door unlocked.

Not only was his house completely destroyed, but Tony also barely made it out alive, and he put Pepper’s life at risk. Although it was clear that the grief over Happy’s medical condition as well as the trauma he experienced clouded his judgment, this proved to be one of the most illogical moves on Tony’s part.

Handing EDITH to Mysterio

Although Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is often criticized for his poor judgment in Spider-Man: Far From Home, it is often forgotten that he is just a kid who is not mature enough to be expected to have this weight on his shoulders. Although Tony’s trust in Peter was not misplaced, it was questionable that the teenager was given full access to global security system. Surprisingly, Tony did not have a Training Wheels Protocol in place, as he did with his first suit, given that EDITH had a greater potential to be dangerous in the wrong hands.

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Peter, taken aback with the grief of Tony’s death and fatigue from the pressures of his responsibilities, handed EDITH over to Mysterio without a second thought. Even if he did not turn out to be a resentful villain with a driven purpose, and he was capable of being in control of EDITH, this does not mean he was able to handle this responsibility.

Thor Not Going for the Head

Thor’s choice at the moment of confrontation led to the disintegration of half of all living things on Earth. Viewers can help but wonder whether Thor instinctively when for the heart as a natural impulse or chose to strike Thanos in the chest to prolong his suffering after he choked Loki with his bare hands and stabbed Heimdall in the chest.

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Since Thor has been through a lotit’s unclear whether this was an emotional decision, this moment changed the trajectory of Avengers: Infinity War, which then ended on a solemn note. This was a shock to all viewers who anticipated an ending where the hero wins, and villain loses.

Creating Ultron

Ultron (voiced by James Spader) was AI created by both Tony Stark and Bruce Banner and initially intended to protect Earth from extraterrestrial attacks after the events in New York. However, Ultron immediately deemed humankind to be the greatest threat to peace, creating an even bigger threat to all of humanity as Ultron planned a worldwide genocide to rid Earth of flaws.

Although the Avengers successfully fought Ultron, this took place at the expense of innocent lives in Sokovia. Although the Avengers are rightfully regarded as heroes, they did not take responsibility for their actions in causing the attack. The film Captain America: Civil War centers on this issue of whether the Avengers can act independently or whether they require governmental constraints. Irrespective, Zemo had a valid pointindicating that the Avengers went home, thinking themselves to be heroes irrespective of the innocent lives lost in a battle that was only fought on the summoning of a villain created by the Avengers.

Summoning Ronan

Although Drax’s impulsive nature was appreciated in the films due to the lighthearted nature it brought to his character, there were times it caused a serious and dangerous cascade of events. When Drax summons Ronan and his army, believing he can single-handedly take them down, this led to the Orb falling into the wrong hands.

While Rocket was brutally blunt, he said what needed to be said – “There’s no excuse to get everybody else dead along the way.” While Drax’s anger and frustration towards Ronan were fully justified, his actions were problematic for the Guardians of the Galaxy. While they were able to successfully stop Ronan, there were many lives lost in the battle, which could or could not be attributed to Drax’s impulsivity.

Defaulting to Casting a Spell

While Peter Parker is still on the younger side during the events of Spiderman: No Way Home, Doctor Strange could have exercised better judgment as a sorcerer in a position of utmost importance.

While viewers felt for Peter after he was rejected from MIT, it did not quite justify how Doctor Strange’s first thought to help him was casting a worldwide spell that he and Wong himself deem dangerous. He also expressed that there is so much not known about the concept of a multiverse, and yet was willing to cast a risky spell.

Captain America Messing with Timeline

While Loki was arrested by the TVA for his crimes against the sacred timeline by picking up the tesseract, there is a big question as to why Captain America was not held accountable for his actions?

Captain America returned the infinity stones to their respective locations as he was expected to do but his decision to remain in the past with Peggy Carter caused a new branch in the timeline. The question remains – how is this not a crime against the sacred timeline, while Loki’s actions are?

Vision Striking Rhodey

While Falcon was viewed as the main culprit of Rhodes physical injury and the following disability in the events of Captain America: Civil War, Falcon instinctively tried to get out of the way of Vision’s line of fire. However, Tony hit Falcon in anger as if he was responsible for Rhodes accident.

However, if Vision had instead struck Sam just as hard as he had intended to, he could have been hurt even worse than Rhodey was as he sustained serious injuries despite wearing a protected iron suit. The real person at fault was Vision whose harsh hit aimed at Sam Wilson inadvertently shot down Rhodes, almost claiming his life.

Preserving Vision’s Life

While the Avengers justifiably sustained the position that “no man gets left behind,” emphasizing that Visions’ sacrifice is a risk no one is willing to take, viewers can not help but wonder whether that was true. Not only was Thanos able to acquire all the infinity stones, leading to the ultimate disintegration of half of the universe, but the Battle of Wakanda claimed the lives of many.

While Proxima Midnight simply stated that “[they] have blood to spare ”, there were many causalities on behalf of the Avengers and Wakandan army. Although in a last moment of desperation, Wanda destroyed the stone in Vision’s head, T’Challa opened the gates of the barriers to draw attention the battle back to them, almost resulting in the end of Wakanda.

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