The Watcher Stopping Galactus Changed the Marvel Universe’s Final Fate

Marvel’s Watcher saved the entire Marvel Universe from Galactus after being told his intervention prevented peace in the Reckoning War event.

Warning! Spoilers for Fantastic Four # 43 by Marvel Comics

Uatu the Watcher breaking his oath and interfering when Galactus first arrived on Earth not only saved the planet but the entire Marvel Universe. In Fantastic Four # 43 by Marvel Comics, the Reckoning War continues, where it’s revealed the timeline Uatu was shown where Earth thrived and became a paradise if he never interfered with the Devourer of Worlds was a lie – as the Marvel Universe would have eventually been destroyed without his intervention.

Famously in The Coming of Galactus saga in Fantastic Four # 48-50 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee from Marvel Comics, Uatu the Watcher decided to break his oath of observing and never interfering to warn the people of Earth about the planet-eating cosmic being’s arrival. Ultimately, the Watcher alerting Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four helped save the planet from being annihilated. However, in the Reckoning War, Uatu was put on trial by the Watchers, where it was revealed Earth and its heroes would not only defeat Galactus without his intervention, but the planet would have become a paradise. It turns out that reality was a lie, as he actually saved the world and beyond.


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In the newest chapter of the Reckoning War in Fantastic Four# 43 by Dan Slott, Rachael Stott, Andrea Di Vito, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics, the Watcher learns the truth about what really would have happened if he never interfered with Galactus’ arrival on Earth. After being previously forced to watch a loop of a universe where Earth became a paradise without his warning, hammering home that the Watcher ruined the potential utopia and Galactus’ defeat, Nick Fury Jr. manages to show him what happens afterwards. The story continues, but the paradise on Earth is destroyed when Reed Richards cannot control the zero energy, unmaking the entire Marvel Universe.

Watcher Saved The Universe Galactus

Ultimately, Uatu the Watcher’s interference might have stopped Earth from becoming a temporary paradise and Galactus from being killed, but the result without his warning was far worse. The entire Marvel Universe would be obliterated without his interference – proving Uatu made the right decision to break his oath as a Watcher. The question remains, why would Uatu’s father torture his son by blaming him for preventing paradise on Earth when in reality, he saved the universe from existing?

Uatu the Watcher defying his oath saved the Marvel Universe from complete and utter destruction. Going against his entire life’s purpose was a difficult decision that might have made him a traitor among his kind, but in the end, he’s a hero. It’s safe to say Uatu the Watcher made the right decision to intervene with Galactus’ arrival. Fantastic Four # 43 by Marvel Comics, part of the Reckoning War saga, is in comic book stores now.

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