10 Best Versions Of Gwen Stacy From The Comics, Ranked

Gwen Stacy first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man # 31, just three issues after Peter Parker graduated from high school. Gwen was caught in a love triangle with Peter and Mary Jane before officially dating Peter years later. Even though Gwen was tragically killed in the famous story “Turning Point,” many, many versions of Gwen have appeared across various Spider-Man comic book titles thanks to the cloning work of Miles Warren, aka the Jackal.

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The clones were a constant source of stress for Peter and his loved ones, but Gwen’s variants aren’t all bad. In the years since the “Original Clone Saga,” interesting, well-written, sometimes superpowered, versions of Gwen Stacy have debuted in titles across Marvel Comics.

10 Gwen Lived A Happy Life In House Of M

After the Scarlet Witch warped all reality in House of M, the standard Marvel 616 universe was temporarily replaced by an alternate one. In this alternate reality, Wanda Maximoff created the life she’d always wanted with her children resurrected. Nearly every Marvel character was altered in some way.

The X-Men did not exist, Mary Jane Watson became a famous actor, and Peter Parker became a pro wrestler. The Gwen Stacy of House of M married Peter, and they had a child named Richie. The two acquired wealth from Peter’s fame and provided lavish homes for their parents. Despite this reality being a facade, Gwen lived a happy life in House of M.

9 Gwen Stacy Lived In A What If? Comic

The cover of What If? Vol. 1 # 24 depicts the infamous scene of Gwen Stacy falling off the Brooklyn Bridge, but this time, Spider-Man leaps to save her rather than shooting a web. Thanks to that one difference, Spidey was able to save Gwen’s life. The following story details the aftermath of the “Turning Point” storyline if had Gwen lived.

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Peter revealed his identity to Gwen and proposed to her. Norman Osborn, surviving the encounter as well, released Spider-Man’s identity to the world. J. Jonah Jameson crashed Peter and Gwen’s wedding with police officers, forcing Peter to flee. The issue concluded with Robbie Robertson promising to help reunite the married couple.

8 Ultimate Gwen Also Got Mixed Up In Clone Shenanigans

Clone conspiracies seem to follow Gwen Stacy wherever she may appear, even in alternate universes. Ultimate Spider-Mancreated by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, allowed the creatives at Marvel Comics to reinvent classic Spidey stories – including the Clone Saga.

Ultimate Gwen’s life parallels her 616 counterpart’s in many ways: her father Captain Stacy died, and Gwen herself was killed. Gwen would return on several occasions thanks to the abilities of symbiotes and clones. Eventually, the real Gwen Stacy was revived and offered advice and wisdom to the new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

7 Gwen Stacy Became Nightbird In Heroes Reborn

Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ed McGuinness, the new “Heroes Reborn” storyline, unrelated to the 1996 Heroes Reborn series, explored an alternate world where the classic Avengers team never existed. This branch in continuity led to the creation of new superheroes, including Gwen Stacy’s Nightbird.

This universe’s version of Gwen was a lot like DC’s Batgirl. After the death of her father, George Stacy, Gwen was trained by a superhero called Nighthawk and became his sidekick. As Nightbird, Gwen was an expert martial artist who used various gadgets to battle alternate versions of the Jackal and the Goblin. Ultimately, Gwen was exposed to Goblin Gas, causing her to turn on her mentor.

6 An Alternate Gwen Stacy Ironically Became The Green Goblin

On Earth-3109, Harry Osborn was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter. Gwen designed a glider and became a version of the Green Goblin who fought crime alongside Harry’s Spider-Man. The two proved to be quite the dynamic duo until Harry and Gwen’s father were killed when the Sandman attacked.

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Gwen slowly became entrenched in her Goblin persona, abandoning her friends and her life as Gwen Stacy. The “Goblin-Gwen” first appeared in Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider # 1. She encountered the Spider-Gwen of Earth-65 during the events of Spider-Geddon and helped develop a device that would send her back to her home universe.

5 The Gwen Stacy Of Earth-617 Bonded With The Venom Symbiote

While Spider-Gwen jumped from one reality to the next in her solo comic book series, she landed in a universe that was exactly the same as the original 616 Marvel universe. Spider-Gwen’s presence altered the trajectory of this world’s history, creating a new 617 universe.

The 617 Gwen was inspired by the heroic nature of Spider-Gwen. After Spider-Gwen returned to her home universe, 617 Gwen bonded with her universe’s Venom symbiote to become Spider-Woman. After learning that many Gwen Stacys across the multiverse died at the hands of the Green Goblin, she ventured to other Earths and recruited Gwens who had become Spider-Women as well.

4 The Original Gwen Stacy Was Peter’s First Real Love

Although the original Gwen Stacy was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man # 31, her romantic interest in Peter was not overly explored until John Romita took over art duties from Steve Ditko. Romita came from a background in romance comics, and he sure knew how to plot love triangles.

The relationships of Gwen, Peter, and Mary Jane felt like Archie Comics with superpowers. Ultimately, Peter dated Gwen until she was tragically killed in Amazing Spider-Man # 121. Even though Gwen was Peter’s first love, she was a severely underdeveloped character compared to Mary Jane, and writers have retroactively added more to her mythos since her death.

3 Life Story Involved Several Versions Of Gwen Stacy

Spider-Man: Life Story presented a version of the Marvel Universe that aged naturally. For example, Peter was bitten by the spider in 1962 and passed away in 2019 as an old man. The Gwen Stacy of this universe married Peter and worked for Miles Warren, who secretly created clones of the couple.

The real Gwen Stacy was killed in an explosion, and the clone of Gwen left with the clone of Peter to start a new life. Years later, Gwen’s clone assumed the identity of Helen Carroll and worked as J. Jonah Jameson’s therapist in prison. She helped Jonah overcome his hatred for Spider-Man. Helen gifted Peter a memoir written by Jonah that acted as an apology to Spider-Man.

2 Gwenpool Is By Far The Strangest Gwen Stacy

Who could have guessed that a character with the combined traits of Gwen Stacy and Deadpool could become such a hit? Gwenpool originally appeared on a variant cover for Deadpool’s Secret Wars # 2. The character’s design became popular among fans, so Marvel introduced her as an official character in Howard the Duck Vol. 6 # 1.

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Gwenpool existed in a universe where all the Marvel heroes and villains were fictional. After she was transported into Marvel’s 616 universe, Gwenpool retained meta knowledge of the world around her. Even though she disregarded everything as fake when she first arrived, Gwenpool has since become more heroic, joining the West Coast Avengers.

1 Spider-Gwen Does Whatever A Spider Can

Spider-Woman, otherwise known as Spider-Gwen, first appeared in Edge of Spider-Versea miniseries connected to the larger Spider-Verse event. The success of the character led to her own ongoing solo series. Spider-Gwen shared a very similar origin to the one she described in Into the Spider-Verse: Gwen was the one bitten by the radioactive spider and Peter instead became a version of the Lizard.

She shares many traits with the 616 Peter Parker, including her heroism and dedication to others. She’s proven herself a worthy Spider-Person on many occasions, including when she helped other Spider-People escape from the Inheritors during Spider-Geddon.

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