9 Most Powerful Variants Of Black Bolt In Marvel Comics

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduced Black Bolt, the leader of the Inhumans from Marvel Comics, to the MCU. Anson Mount returns from the ABC television series but plays a variant of the character from Earth-838. This version meets a shocking end thanks to the Scarlet Witch, but many Black Bolt variants exist throughout the Marvel Comics multiverse, including some powerful versions bound to make their way to live-action.

Numerous Black Bolt variants exist in comic books, just like with most other major Marvel Universe characters. Most align with the Earth-616 version, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four # 46, in terms of power. But some possess unique powers and abilities all their own. Some of these powerful Black Bolt variants stand to appear in the MCU as the multiverse expands in live-action and animation.


Black Bolt (Earth-616)

Black Bolt in a fight in The Inhumans comics

Black Bolt’s sonic scream ranks as one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. His voice contains so much raw power that Black Bolt has been able to destroy entire planets with it, as he did in Inhumans # 6 in the late 1990s. A simple word kills, placing Black Bolt among the most powerful Marvel Comics superheroes.

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His sonic scream varies depending on his feelings, which undermines his otherwise extraordinary discipline and self-control. Fans saw this to horrific effect when Wanda erased his mouth with magic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


Reed Richards kills the Illuminati in Marvel Comics.

The Earth-231 Black Bolt shares all the powers and abilities of his Earth-616 counterpart, including superhuman strength derived from the Terrigen Mists. That did not save him from being killed by Reed Richards, though, along with the rest of the Illuminati.

Comic book fans know the Illuminati make hard and sometimes cold choices to save the world, including exiling the Hulk to outer space. Earth-231 Reed Richards feared Black Bolt and the council’s arrogance and power to the point he killed them all. This moment, from Dark Reign: Fantastic Four # 3 in 2009, eerily foreshadows the shocking events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel Knights 2099

Black Bolt uses his power in Marvel Comics.

The Earth-2992 Black Bolt appears to possess the same array of powers as its main Marvel Universe version. Black Bolt shares Earth-616’s ability to fly in the Marvel Knights 2099 universe, bolstered by his sonic ability and the wings built into his uniform.

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Black Bolt also generates sonic shields that protect him from many different kinds of attacks. He can extend the shield around others, though he elects not to in this universe, destroying his fellow Inhumans and himself when he used his sonic scream aboard their spaceship.

Earth X

Black Bolt leads the Iron Men in Earth X comics.

Ahura Boltagon inherits the powerful sonic scream of his father, though thanks to the unique circumstances of Earth X, gained some additional abilities. He learned to fight from Captain Britain, making him a powerful martial artist in the Marvel Universe. He leads the Iron Men, a powerful group of advanced androids modeled on the classic Avengers.

He also wears a highly advanced armored suit made of vibranium. The strength and stamina of the suit provided him only added to his considerable Inhuman physiology. He also ruled as the King of Britain, giving him incredible wealth and resources.


Black Bolt confronts Venom in Marvel Comics.

Earth-1089 Black Bolt used his extraordinary sonic scream to destroy the alien symbiote that possessed Peter Parker. He accomplished this while the Venom symbiote wielded Mj√∂lnir, suggesting this variant’s power exceeds that of the Earth-616 version.

Black Bolt singlehandedly destroys Venom in What If ..? # 4, one of the best What If ..? alternate realities from the comics, after the Avengers failed to stop the alien. He appears to share all of Black Bolt-616’s attributes, including the highly advanced Inhuman technology that teleported him into the fight.

Ultimate Black Bolt

The Inhumans appear in Ultimate Comics.

The Earth-1610 Black Bolt possesses all the same powers as most other variants, including the power to channel his sonic power internally is the unique tuning fork on his head. This amplifies his already superhuman strength and speed to even greater degrees.

The Ultimate Comics Black Bolt variant distinguishes itself from others in its cold calculation. With little deliberation or consideration, he destroys the Inhuman stronghold of Attilan with his voice after the Fantastic Four discover it in Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual # 1, which is among the best Fantastic Four comics of the 2000s.

Zombie Black Bolt

Zombie Black Bolt attacks in Marvel Comics.

Black Bolt ranks among the most powerful Marvel Comics superheroes in any universe, but in Earth-2149, he gains immortality via the cruel zombie virus. Unexpectedly, the zombie virus negates his sonic scream.

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Black Bolt loses his most powerful attribute, but also his primary means of stopping himself from feeding on other people. He succumbs to the virus completely, becoming a rampaging zombie enhanced with Inhuman strength, stamina, and speed.

Marvel Zombies Return

Black Bolt attacks Hulk in Marvel Zombies Return comic book.

A powerful Black Bolt variant ravaged by the zombie virus did retain its sonic scream. The Earth-91126 Black Bolt appears in Marvel Zombies Return completely unfettered in his hunger for living flesh. He fights a powerful Hulk variant alongside his fellow Inhumans.

He also killed Korg with his sonic scream along with many of Hulk’s Warbound allies. With the upcoming Marvel Zombies animated series on the horizon, this Black Bolt variant potentially appears in the MCU in some form.

Vykin the Black Bolt

The Un-Men attack in Amalgam Comics.

Vykin the Black Bolt ranks among the most powerful Black Bolt variants by fusing his powers with Vykin from the Forever People. Black Bolt’s sonic scream fused with Vykin’s ability to generate magnetic waves creates a devastating attack.

This variant from the Amalgam Comics crossover in the 1990s also possesses a Mother Box, giving him access to extraordinary cosmic power and knowledge. With his combined power and resources, Vykin the Black Bolt stands above other variants from the comics.

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