Moon Knight Sides With Gorr the God Butcher

Thor: Love and Thunder is the next major outing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the film’s plot has not fully gotten revealed, it’s clear that Thor will spend most of the run time traveling to distant planets and realms. However, he will likely find himself on Earth as well. And that means there’s a strong possibility he could run into Moon Knight due to the film’s main villain, Gorr the God-Butcher, and his vendetta against all deities. But rather than join with an ally, Moon knight may represent something more sinister.

In Moon Knight, Marc Spector shares a body with two alternate personalities and the Egyptian God of the Night, Khonshu. But no matter the alter, Khonshu has shown he only cares about Marc because he can be his avatar of vengeance. As Moon Knight, the vigilante protects the travelers of the night with vicious brutality and rarely, if ever, pulls his punches. But why would he find himself at odds with another God?

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Gorr’s primary goal in his life is to eradicate all Gods from the cosmos. With no particular exceptions, his rampage, in the comics, was swift and brutal, nearly destroying Asgard in the process. As a result, he has gained a few friends and many enemies. But in the MCU, Gorr may have one ally in Khonshu. While he’s a God himself, Khonshu’s main reason for being cast out of the Ennead was that he disagreed with their hands-off approach to humanity. He felt that if humanity worshiped them, it was their duty to do their part and protect and answer the people’s prayers.

Since then, he’s done what he wanted and used his avatars to fight for those that could not fight for themselves. However, he has no soft spot for the Gods and likely any Gods that do not do their part for humanity. That would also include Asgardians, who remained removed from Earth for centuries. Should Khonshu meet Gorr, they could share a common ground in their frustrations against deities and team up to ensure Gorr completes his mission. And that could mean Moon Knight to face Thor, Jane, Valkyrie or anyone else that hinders Gorr’s plan.

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However, should Khonshu not decide to play an active role in Gorr’s plan, as this would likely also end in Khonshu’s death, he could still support the cause from afar. That would mean that, on Thor’s journey, Moon Knight may try to stop him as Jake Lockley since he is the only one tied to Khonshu at the moment. However, his efforts would likely be in vain as Thor’s strength and durability far surpass Moon Knight’s.

Many factors may disprove this theory, such as Marc and Steven Grant no longer being in control. Nevertheless, there’s still a glimmer of a chance that Khonshu may do his part to eradicate what’s left of the Gods that he has felt do not care for humans. Since Khonshu is a violent God, it would make sense for him to ally with Gorr’s cause. But how far his allegiance would go may rest with Moon Knight alone.

To see if Moon Knight gets involved, Thor: Love and Thunder crashes into theaters July 8.

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