She-Hulk’s Greatest Case Saved The Marvel Universe From Being Replaced

She-Hulk saved the entire Marvel Universe from being replaced as she negotiated with the Living Tribunal to save her reality.

Marvel’s She-Hulk has taken on many strange and cosmic during her time as a lawyer, but none were more important than the time she convinced the Living Tribunal to save her universe from being replaced. In She-Hulk # 20 by Marvel Comics, Jennifer Walters is called on by the cosmic arbiter to plead Earth-616’s case over the Ultimate Universe. In the end, She-Hulk saves her reality by taking a much different approach than she usually does as a lawyer.

Jennifer Walters is one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest lawyers, as the hero has taken on many larger-than-life cases. From seeking political asylum for Doctor Doom to representing the Living Triunbal’s Magastri as one of the Enforcers of Universal Law, She-Hulk has experienced many trials and tribulations as a lawyer. However, one of her most important cases came with her final case related to the Living Tribunal, where she was asked to make the case to save her universe from being replaced by the “more elegant” Ultimate Universe.


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In She-Hulk # 20 by Dan Slott, Ty Templeton, Rick Burchett, Cliff Rathburn, Avalon’s Andy Troy, and Dave Sharpe from Marvel Comics, Jennifer Walters was forced to plead her case that she was not still a member of The Living Tribunal’s Magastri. RT-Z9, who pretended to be a Magastri member in disguise, reveals he’s working for the Recluses and wants to know she won’t reverse or spill the secret of their existence following her previous judgment on the alien race after Qyre, The Watcher, discovered them. He threatens to explode in two hours if he does not get sufficient proof. She-Hulk tells RT-Z9, that she’s done working with the Living Tribunal’s Magastri and that her final case saved the Marvel Universe from being replaced.

In a single page, She-Hulk explains that her final case with the Living Tribunal was convincing the cosmic judge not to replace the Earth-616 universe with the Ultimate Universe. While the Living Tribunal saw the Ultimate Universe as “cleaner, simpler, and more elegant,” She-Hulk reveals that in the timeless void she argued on behalf of her world, convincing him to keep the 616-universe alive by telling him it was more fun. Shockingly, the defense worked and She-Hulk saved the Marvel Universe – which is enough to convince RT-Z9 to fly away from Earth. It’s her greatest achievement as a lawyer and a hero, even if most other heroes and villains are not aware of it.

While She-Hulk convincing the Living Tribunal to save her universe happens in the span of one page, it’s arguably the most important action she’s ever done in the Marvel Universe. Her most important Marvel Comics case saved Earth-616 from being replaced. Of course, not all the Avengers can claim to be solely responsible for saving reality, but She-Hulk can, thanks to her most important case.

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