Marvel Comics ‘Kills’ Matt Murdock Ahead Of Daredevil’s MCU Return

Marvel Comics has killed Matt Murdock ahead of Daredevil’s Marvel Cinematic Universe return, but it’s not the bad news you might expect.

Warning! Spoilers for Devil’s Reign Omega # 1 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has killed off Matt Murdock ahead of Daredevil’s return to the MCU, as the hero fakes his own death under tragic circumstances to begin a new chapter of his life. In Devil’s Reign Omega # 1 from Marvel Comics, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes attended Matt Murdock’s funeral. However, it turns out the body isn’t Matt’s; instead, it’s Michael Murdock’s, his recently killed brother.

Daredevil’s twin brother Mike Murdock originally never existed in his brother’s life, but after an Inhuman accidentally turned Matt’s alter-ego into a real, physical person, the hero had to adjust to having a real sibling. Things were further complicated when Mike Murdock used the Norn Stone to rewrite reality and make himself a real person with a backstory connected to Matt. However, while Matt Murdock ultimately chose a life of defending those who needed it in both his professional and superhero life, Mike ultimately chose a life of crime. Mike would die in the recent Devil’s Reign event after Kingpin believed he was the real Daredevil. Now, Marvel Comics is “killing” Matt Murdock, just as the hero returns to the MCU.


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In Devil’s Reign Omega # 1 by Chip Zdarsky, Rafael De Latorre, Federico Blee, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Marvel Comics “kills” Matt Murdock as the real Matt uses his twin brother’s body to pretend that he was the one who died. The funeral is attended by some of Matt’s greatest heroes and allies, but it’s all for show, as Daredevil intentionally wants the public to believe his secret identity is dead. Knowing Matt had a troubled life and would not be missed by many, Daredevil takes the chance to use the tragedy to change his own future. Matt tells Luke Cage the Daredevils are going after the Hand as he begins a new chapter separate from his real identity.

Daredevil killing off Matt Murdock changes the status quo for the hero, as he will no longer need to divide his time between superheroics and being a lawyer. Instead, Matt’s devoted and focused on destroying the Hand. The timing of the reveal is particularly interesting as Daredevil returns to the MCU, as a continuation of his Netflix series is in development at Disney +. It seems Marvel Comics could be synergizing the streaming series with the comics, and by killing off Matt Murdock, it could potentially give the hero a clean slate in the future.

The new era for Daredevil with Matt Murdock’s “death” will put the character in new territory, as he will put his entire focus on being a hero. But considering how good Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, and co.’s series has been so far, readers should be confident that whatever comes next for Daredevil – ahead of his MCU return – will be worth checking out. Devil’s Reign Omega # 1 by Marvel Comics is in stores now.

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