Rogue and Magneto’s Multiversal Children Always Die

The Scarlet Witch’s children have had a rough time of it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the happiest variants of the pair yet introduced being terrified by the MCU Scarlet Witch’s rampage in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But the man Wanda Maximoff considers her father in the comics has far worse luck when it comes to multiversal children, especially when paired off with a major member of the X-Men.

Rogue and Magneto’s potential romance could have resulted in children, as seen across the multiverse. But two of their most prominent possible kids suffered truly terrible fates that make the multiversal circumstances of Scarlet Witch’s children seem far less painful.

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Following the X-Men being forced to use the Siege Perilous to escape the Reavers, Rogue found herself in the Savage Land in Uncanny X-Men # 274 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. Briefly able to touch anyone thanks to her powers being in flux, Rogue and Magneto came surprisingly close to a romance. Their burgeoning relationship ended, however, as Rogue was put off by Magneto’s ruthless nature. This lingered in Rogue’s teased attraction to Joseph, Magneto’s clone but she would ultimately end up married to Gambit. But across the multiverse, other versions of Rogue and Magneto have had more romantic luck even if tragedy eventually struck down the result of their union.

Magnus Lehnsherr from Earth-27 (debuting in Exiles # 1 by Judd Winick and Mike McKone) was the son of his world’s Magneto and Rogue. Raised in a world where both his parents were prominent heroes, Magnus eventually developed a mutant ability that fused his parents’ gifts. Although he gained control over magnetism, he also could turn anyone he touched into solid metal. Magus was a founding member of the Exiles, a team of multiversal mutants who restored broken realities.

Magnus’ timeline was threatened, and his place on the team allowed him to save his mother from being killed in a cosmic rewrite. Unfortunately, Magnus was also the team’s first causality. On their first mission to a world where Forge helped enact a global Operation Zero Tolerance against all super-powered beings, Magnus was forced to sacrifice himself to save his teammates from a nuclear blast.

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But at least Magnus got to live a full life. That was not the fate of Charles Lehnsherr, the son of Magneto and Rogue from the Age of Apocalypse reality. In a world where Xavier’s premature death led to Magneto recruiting a ragtag X-Men to fight a ruinous world conquered by Apocalypse, Magneto and Rogue had found a way to start a romance and eventually married. Charles became an important plot point in the event, with his capture by agents of Apocayplse helping build to the storyline’s explosive finale.

Charles survived the battle and likely would have developed mutant powers, only for Uncanny X-Force to reveal a truly grim fate for the character. After being corrupted into a new Apocalypse-like figure, Weapon X (the Wolverine of this world) waged an all-out offensive against his former allies. One of his soldiers was Demon-Ock, a Mephisto worshiping murderer who off-panel caught Charles, crushed his body, and then began to eat him while he was still alive.

Rogue and Magneto’s romance might seem like an unlikely pairing, but their shared resilience and experience with the darker sides of the world could give them something to connect over. But given the luck of their children in the few realities where they really did have a romance, maybe it’s for the best that the couple never got together in more worlds. It seems like their children would have probably just been doomed to some truly gruesome deaths – and unlike the Scarlet Witch’s children, there would not have been any magic around to potentially restore them.

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