Marvel’s Moon Knight Teased Jake Lockley on Accident

When Moon Knight came to an end earlier this month, the show’s post-credits scene teased the moment comics fans had been waiting for. Turns out, Marc Spector and Steven Grant aren’t the only personalities being played by Oscar Isaac on the series. Throughout the show’s six episodes, there were hints that a third personality was living in Marc’s body. In the final episode, it was revealed that Jake Lockley is the most dangerous of the bunch and that he has been working with Khonshu. In addition to moments when Marc and Steven would awake from a blackout, there were other subtle hints to Jake’s future appearance. However, it turns out that some of the foreshadowing was just a happy accident. While chatting with The Directdirector of photography Andrew Droz Palermo explained why not every choice was meant to tease Jake.

“Sometimes they were not always intentional, but they would be little happy accidents,” Palermo explained. “Often if you look very closely in a mirror, you can see that there is a double image. If you put your hand to it, you can see that it’s both you but also an additional you. So anytime … where I could catch two Oscars in a reflection, even if it was just a subtle thing, It always felt like a win to me because I know that people who know the comic book would be looking for that. ” He added, “They’re kind of all over, actually. Often it’s not just a single reflection. Particularly ones that are more off the cuff. You can kind of see a little double image instead of just a single image.”

While Moon Knight‘s future is currently unclear, fans are eager to find out how Marc and Steven will deal with Jake’s presence, especially now that Mac and Steven are learning to live together. In fact, they are starting to consider themselves brothers. Recently, it was confirmed that Isaac’s real-life brother, Michael Benjamin Hernandez, served as Isaac’s double during the show’s production. During a recent chat with, Hernandez and Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab spoke about Marc and Steven’s dynamic.

“Marc and Steven are brothers, in a way,” Diab explained. “Marc and Steven are a fraction of the same person. But you feel like Marc is the older brother and there is that dynamic.”

“Maybe it was just because him and I have such a familiarity, that it eventually felt that way, where it eventually felt like Marc and Steven really do become brothers,” Hernandez added. “You really feel like they really connect, and these personalities really integrate.”

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney +.


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