Why Kevin Feige Decided to Produce a Movie in the Galaxy Far, Far Away

As the primary producer for all things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige is both the first say and the last for anything fans see on-screen as far as their favorite heroes go. With a job like his, he probably does not get a lot of sleep with everything he does to keep the fans entertained. And he has done a lot. Just look at the last three years: We got two Spider-Man movies, Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, and five superhero series on Disney +, and more is certainly on the way! Just recently, Disney released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and expanded the possibilities of what we can expect in the current direction for our favorite superhero universe. With everything he’s accomplished, and everything to come, it’s not hard to believe that Feige would want to dip his feet into the Star Wars universe.


When fans learned that Feige was set to produce his own movie for the Star Wars universe, they were thrilled. Given how he’s built the MCU, he may be the shot of life that the franchise needs on the big screen. However, given that he’s already wrapped up in the planning for the biggest movie franchise today, why would he want to be involved in another? Why did Kevin Feige decide to produce a movie in the galaxy far, far away?

To Bring New Life to the Big Screen

One of the possible reasons for the Marvel boss to produce this new film is to breathe new life into it Star Wars‘presence on the big screen. Fans were not exactly happy with the last two films from the sequel trilogy, especially when it comes to The Rise of Skywalker. The film largely turned out to be geared toward fan service and nostalgia as it aimed to subvert the disappointment of The Last Jedi. However, Entertainment Weekly reports that Feige’s involvement will only be for the one film and that he will not be involved with the series any further than that, so do not expect it to kick off a new trilogy.

Perhaps his involvement is to renew interest in standalone adventures? When Disney had purchased Lucasfilm, the initial plan had been to release a new film every year. Ever since Solo: A Star Wars Story failed to satisfy in theaters, there has been a serious lack of presence from the sci-fi franchise beyond the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, as the origin movie had given Disney cold feet in regard to producing any more solo ventures. For the most part, extensions into the universe have been in the form of Disney + series, with The Mandalorian leading the charge. Feige’s film could be set up to draw fans back to theaters to restore faith from the fans as Disney and Lucusfilms plan a new trilogy.

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Because He’s a Fan

We may not know the full explanation for Feige’s involvement with Star Wars at this time, but one reason we can confirm is that he is a huge fan and has been all his life. This coming film, if nothing else, is a passion project for Feige. He may love Marvel and everything he is doing for the MCU, but the galaxy far, far away has always been his first love. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, it made sense that the COO of Marvel Studios would want to leave his mark on the franchise he grew up with. He may seem busy, but in the promotion for WandaVisionScreenRant reported that Feige is always thinking about Star Wars and looks forward to the work.

“It’s all stuff I love, and everything regarding Star Wars is not anywhere near talking about. So, it’s Marvel. But if I was not being paid to do it, I would be doing it here in my basement just with my toys , and nobody would ever see it. It’s what I think about all the time. “

For anyone getting their hopes up thinking that Feige will be leading the next trilogy of films in the future, do not hold your breath. He has no motivation to take over Lucasfilm from current head Kathleen Kennedy. Feige is busy enough planning out the next decade for Marvel as the Multiverse unravels. If nothing else, this film, which is currently being written by Multiverse of Madness spirit Loki writer Michael Waldron, is for the kid that grew up with the series from its start in 1977. If an over 20-film mega-series is safe in the hands of a life-long fan, then fans have nothing to fear from his handling of this single project.


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