Marvel’s New Black Panther Variant is a Superman and Spider-Man Hybrid

The newest variant of T’Challa is more like the Man of Steel and friendly neighborhood Spider-Man than he is the Black Panther fans know best.

The following contains spoilers for Avengers Forever # 6, available June 1 from Marvel.

Marvel’s next Black Panther started out on the same track as the Man of Steel before he ends up playing the role of Spider-Man.

Avengers Forever # 6 by Jason Aaron (Avengers, Heroes Reborn), artist Jim Towe (Spider-Man / Deadpool), Guru-eFX and VC’s Cory Petit is set to introduce what might be the most unexpected variant of the Black Panther to date. The latest iteration of T’Challa is not only far removed from the character’s typical origin story, but from the Earth entirely, and all thanks to the machinations of the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

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The story begins with T’Challa explaining how he can not recall the names of his parents, nor can anyone else, as their entire history has been purged by their killer – King Killmonger. T’Challa’s father’s connection to the Djalia, the spirit realm home to their ancestors, gave him an early insight into the threat of King Killmonger. Before the villain could arrive to eradicate their world, the infant T’Challa’s parents sent him adrift in space. Eventually, T’Challa found his way to Chandilar, the throneworld of the Shi’ar Empire, or at least its vast, floating slums. Using what Vibranium he had, T’Challa fashioned himself a suit that gives him what appears to be the same powers as Spider-Man, allowing him to protect Chandilar’s most vulnerable citizens as Sky Spider.

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The appearance of Sky Spider in Avengers Forever #6 continues the ongoing story of the Multiversal Masters of Evil in their violent crusade across realities. While Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have faced off against both the threat of these villains and Mephisto’s Council of Red in recent months, they have also made some unsettling discoveries along the way. These include the fact that the prime Marvel Universe’s Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider, is potentially both the All-Rider and an Omni-Avenger. The ongoing story has also brought several variants of fan-favorite characters into the spotlight, such as the Tony Stark of Earth-818. This version of Tony, who happens to be his reality’s Ant-Man, survived the apocalyptic wasteland that was left following the Black Skull’s decimation of his world, giving him a potentially close tie to Sky Spider when the two finally cross paths.

Avengers Forever # 6 goes on sale June 1.

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