Captain America Cursing Out and Avenger Reveals His Breaking Point

Captain America’s breaking point was recently revealed, as the hero cursed out one of his fellow Avengers in a moment of frustration.

Warning! Spoilers for Eternals # 12 by Marvel Comics

Despite his wholesome attitude and methods as a hero, even Captain America has a breaking point, which was displayed when he told the Eternals to get lost after they defeated Thanos. In Eternals # 12 by Marvel Comics, Sersi mentions that the Avengers told them to go home after she revealed they can not truth them, with Captain America seemingly cursing out the ancient heroes using “far less polite” language that even surprised the Eternals.

Captain America rarely uses flowery language in the comics and the MCU, as the hero instead opts to keep things clean based on his golden boy, 1940s mindset. However, Captain America, who famously told Iron Man “language” after Iron Man cursed in Avengers: Age of Ultron, just reached his breaking point in the pages of Marvel Comics. The hero just told off the Eternals in frustration after they invaded the Avengers’ Celestial base, told them that Thanos was running free without their knowledge, and revealed that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can not trust them.


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In Eternals # 12 by Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic, Matthew Wilson and VC’s Clayton Cowles, the comic winds down with Sersi revealing to Captain America and the Avengers the truth about what’s going on with the Eternals, including allowing Thanos to rule as Eternal-Prime. In a contentious moment, Sersi, who used to be an Avenger herself, tells the heroes that the planet is theirs and that they should not question the means of keeping Earth alive. However, when Sersi tells the team she has a few sympathies about the situation and that the Avengers should not trust the Eternals, she’s asked to leave the hero’s HQ, admitting Captain America used language that she was surprised the hero even knew.

Captain America Curse Marvel Comics

Sersi admits being surprised about Captain America telling them to go home “in far less polite terms.” Understandably, Steve Rogers, who usually keeps things PG, was frustrated by the reveal the Eternals were facing off against Thanos and allowed him to become Prime-Eternal without even notifying Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Captain America rarely curses or uses foul language, but in this case, it seemed warranted.

It takes a lot to break Captain America’s wholesome persona as he goes out of his way to keep things clean. But, after Sersi talks down to the Avengers following the revelation Thanos returned and that the Avengers had no idea, Steve Rogers understandably let the Eternals know he was not happy. Ultimately, Cap reached his breaking point and seemingly cursed out the Eternals with his less than polite language – which happens off panel, but still is surprising. Seeing Captain America mad enough to lash out is a rarity; however, given the circumstances, he might have let the Eternals off lightly, considering everything they hid from him.

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