Marvel Casts Suicide Squad Star In Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been a much-anticipated movie for quite a long time. So what’s held up the movie? Well, first there was the snafu between Gunn and Disney, then the director had to make The Suicide Squadand then he even managed to create an entire Peacemaker television series — all before reuniting with the Guardians. Despite all of those distractions, they did end up bringing something pretty important to the upcoming Marvel movie: Chukwudi Iwuji.

The actor played Clemson Murn in The Suicide Squad spinoff Peacemaker, and he clearly made a mark on James Gunn — who claimed him to be one of his favorite actors ever. So, naturally, he made the cut for Vol. 3.

The actor did not just get a small role. Rumors have it that he will be playing the big bad of the piece, The High Evolutionary. Quite the upgrade, one which will cement him in MCU history books.

Now, it seems that James Gunn will be bringing over another talented actor from his recent DC work. This time, it’s a star from The Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad Meets the Guardians

Ratcatcher, The Suicide Squad, DCU

Deadline announced that The Suicide Squad star Daniela Melchior, who played Ratcatcher-2, will be appearing in a minor role in Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Details on her role aren’t known, but at the very least, it’s known she will not be portraying Moondragon, something confirmed by director James Gunn last year.

Gunn took to Twitter to celebrate the news, teasing the hope for even more collaborations with Melchior in the future:

“I can confirm (and confirm she’s wonderful in the role). Daniela Melchior is one of my favorite people & actors around, & I hope this is just the second of many projects we’ll work on together.”

Melchior responded to the announcement and Gunn’s message with nothing but excitement, saying that she’ll “keep [Gunn’s] kind words in [her] heart: “

“Omg I’m shocked with this tweet and that this secret just got out I’ll keep your kind words in my heart James Gunn AND YES I CONFIRM TOO THAT I’M IN GUARDIANS BABYYYYYYY”

The Suicide Squad actress expanded on her thoughts on Instagram, saying she “can not wait to work with [Gunn] again and again and again: “

“I guess it’s out! So blessed to have the opportunity to work again with the person that discovered me and completely changed my life a few years ago! It’s one of my favorite people and directors too (Seriously) and I can not wait to work with him again and again and again! “

Which Marvel Character Will Daniela Melchior Be?

So who could Daniela Melchior be playing? Well, one key guess would be Phya-Vell.

In the comics, Phya-Vell is an artificially created offspring of Captain Mar-Vell — on top of plenty of other convoluted and crazy comics shenanigans. When it comes to whatever the character may look like in the MCU, the one aspect of the character that sticks out the most is how she’s an artificial creation.

The connection to Captain Mar-Vell may likely be changed, but the method of her creation parallels Adam Warlock’s creation perfectly. Also, if the majority of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is, in fact, about the High Evolutionary and his genetic splicing, then that would also perfectly play off of Phya-Vell’s origin.

But speaking of High Evolutionary’s creations, another possible role for Melchior would be Lylla. The character is a sentient otter creation, much like Rocket is a Racoon. She has a key connection with Rocket, and the two become each other’s love interests in the comics.

The problem with that option is how Melchior likely would not be needed on set at any point, much like both Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper have never stepped foot on Gunn’s set.

Fans will just have to wait and see who she plays — hopefully, it does not disappoint.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will hit theaters on May 5, 2023.


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