Carnage Has Taken A New Form as Marvel’s Ultimate Godkiller

Carnage is enacting a plan that will transform him into a slayer of gods that will be even more dangerous than Gorr, the infamous God-Butcher.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Carnage # 3

Marvel’s most infamous killer, the symbiote known as Carnage, has a nefarious plan to turn himself into something much worse than a god: a god-killer. With the powers that Carnage stole from two supervillains and the use of advanced technology, he will ascend to his new form, which will make him even more dangerous than the feared Gorr, the God-Butcher.

The first symbiote to appear in the Marvel Universe was Venom, but the whole lore surrounding the alien race of parasitic creatures was rewritten and expanded during the King in Black event. The symbiotes were created by Knull, a primordial god of darkness, trapped in the heart of planet Klyntar after his creations rebelled against him. Cletus Kasady, the deranged and murderous host of the Carnage symbiote, managed to free Knull, bringing havoc and destruction to the universe. Both Cletus and Knull died, but the Carnage symbiote survived, forever changed by witnessing the power of his dark god. No longer in need of a host to survive, Carnage puts in motion a plan elaborated by Cletus before his death, to ascend and become “the thing that kills gods“. Carnage’s plan needed several elements. First, he captured the supervillain Hydro-Man and stole his water-based powers. Then, he targeted Dr. Johnathon Ohm, the teleporting criminal known as Spot, because Carnage required access to the Darkforce Dimension that Spot uses to teleport.


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Finally, in Carnage # 3 – by Ram V, Roge Antonio, and Dijjo Lima – Carnage invades the Fuertes Astronomical Observatory, where scientists have been working on Einstein-Rosen Bridges as a way to send particles across dimensions. Carnage will use their technology, together with Hydro-Man and Spot’s powers, “to reach across space, worlds, universes“, and find out just how far he can truly go.

Cletus came up with his plan after witnessing his hated enemy, Eddie Brock, killing Knull and taking his place as the new King in Black, the God of Symbiotes. Failing to usurp control of the symbiote’s hive mind from Eddie, Cletus opted for the next best thing, become a god slayer just like All-Black, the first symbiote created by Knull, tempered using the divine power of a slain Celestial. In the hands of Knull and, for a time, of the mortal Gorr, All-Black slaughtered countless gods, and perhaps Carnage is aiming to obtain that same power, destroyed by Venom when he killed Knull. Cletus however died before enacting this plan, but Carnage inherited that same ambition, motivated by a desire to transform and transcend his current form. Carnage also inherited Cletus’ homicidal tendencies and morbid love for violence, which will make him even more dangerous than the original All-Black.

Marvel teased that, in the upcoming issues of the series, Carnage will invade the realms of Asgard and steal the throne of Malekith, King of the Dark Elves. Considering that the All-Black and Gorr the God-Butcher were Thor’s enemies and that an Einstein-Rosen Bridge is how the Asgardians in the MCU move through worlds, this further cements a connection between Carnage’s current plans and the Norse Gods. Carnage’s ominous final words in issue # 3 confirm that, wherever he is going, he is going there “to kill gods“, which could spell disaster for Asgard, if that’s his destination. Carnage‘s deranged personality and his newfound powers make him Marvel Comics’ ultimate god killer, putting even Gorr the Butcher to shame.

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Carnage # 3 is available now from Marvel Comics!

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