First Ms. Marvel Clip Makes a Joke Out of Hulk

Marvel fans are less than a week away from meeting another new MCU hero: Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan. The new Disney + series, Ms. Marvel, will follow the regular everyday New Jersey-raised Pakistani-American as she ends up discovering superpowers of her own. The character is a more recent invention in Marvel comics history, but nonetheless, the excitement of seeing her debut is only growing by the day.

One of the biggest elements of Kamala Khan as a character is how she’s a massive fan of superheroes. As Ms. Marvel’s name would suggest, her favorite tends to be Carol Danver’s cosmic hero. Despite that, it seems plenty of other heroes will also receive some love from her.

At some point in the show, the character will be attending AvengersCon — seemingly dressed up as Captain Marvel. Now, some new clips from Ms. Marvel have been released, and one showcases an alternate costume for the trip: Hulk.

Ms. Marvel Clips Released

Two new clips from the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney + series Ms. Marvel were released for fans to check out ahead of the show’s debut on June 8.

The first showcases Kamala Khan’s mother and father trying to share in their daughter’s excitement for AvengerCon, while providing some stipulations to her attendance — including wearing a homemade Hulk costume.

Needless to say, it’s safe to assume Kamala did not give much thought towards doing this green alternative.

Ms.  Marvel

Another clip shows Matt Lintz’s Bruno Carrelli helping out his best friend, Iman Vellani’s hero, as she figures out her newfound powers.

It would seem that Bruno does not go very long without knowing Kamala Khan’s secret. Perhaps he’s the first she tells?

Ms.  Marvel

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