Marvel to explore the history of Yoda with new Star Wars limited series

Marvel Comics has announced that Yoda is set to lead his very first Star Wars comic book this October with the launch of Star Wars: Yodaa five-issue limited series which promises to explore some of the storied (and untold) history behind the legendary Jedi Master.


Described as “a centuries-spanning saga”, the limited series will take place during Yoda’s exile on Dagobah as he reflects on past adventures: a High Republic-era story from writer Cavan Scott and artist Nico Leon, stories set just before the Prequel Trilogy and near the end of the Clone Wars from writers Jody Houser and Marc Guggenheim and artists Luke Ross and Alessandro Miracolo, and a final issue to complete the saga from the returning Scott and Leon.

“I’ve been lucky to write Yoda in various projects over the last few years, most notably in Dooku: Jedi Lostand every time I write him my love for him deepens, ”Scott told “It’s fair to say that my study at home is a shrine for three Star Wars icons: there are a lot of Obi-Wan figures; many, many, many, MANY pieces of Ewok merchandise (do I love those murder bears more than the Lepi? Don’t tell Jaxxon, but there’s every chance!); and then there is Yoda. The little guy is everywhere, in models, in art, and in lots of LEGO. Yoda casts a long shadow over anything he appears in, and writing him is a privilege and a responsibility I take seriously. ”

“I’ve been wanting to do a Yoda book since I started working on the Star Wars titles, ”Editor Mark Paniccia added. “Yoda is a very special character to me as he is to everyone working on this series. We all have our hearts and souls in this and I hope the fans enjoy it as much as we have putting it together. It’s really unique and I’m very proud of it. ”

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Star Wars: Yoda # 1 will go on sale in October 2022.

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