MS. MARVEL Joins Forces With Moon Knight, Venom, And More In Upcoming Series Of Comic Book One-Shots

Marvel Comics has shared new details and artwork for three upcoming Ms. Marvel one-shots that will see Kamala Khan team up with Moon Knight, Venom, and Wolverine to tackle a compelling new mystery …

This summer, a dangerous mystery will erupt across the Marvel Universe, and Ms. Marvel will be there to tackle it head on alongside some of Marvel’s fiercest heroes: Wolverine, Moon Knight, and Venom!

The upcoming saga will unfold across three oversized one-shots penned by Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser and featuring amazing art by Zé Carlos, Ibraim Roberson, and Dave Wachter. The overarching adventure will be one of Ms. Marvel’s boldest and most intense yet, taking the young hero on an exciting journey that will lay the groundwork for her next era.

The story begins in Ms. Marvel & Wolverine # 1 when a mysterious threat lands in New York City. Kamala Khan takes matters into her own embiggened hands, but with Krakoan security / tech compromised, you can bet Wolverine and the X-Men will not be far behind.

Then, the Fist of Khonshu meets the embiggened fist of Ms. Marvel in Ms. Marvel & Moon Knight # 1! Moon Knight protects the travelers of night … but what about those traveling to bring him death? A mechanical (and maniacal!) Threat brings Ms. Marvel into Moon Knight’s orbit, and the gravity of what they uncover will require them to plumb the depths of life and death.

Finally, the mystery will come to an end in September’s Ms. Marvel & Venom # 1. Venom is on the hunt, but who is hunting Venom? Ms. Marvel and Dylan Brock team up as a scheme to harness the symbiote rears its ugly head.The finale will also reveal the connection between all three team-ups, and fans will not believe who’s been pulling the strings.

“I’m thrilled to be back playing in the Marvel super hero sandbox, especially with a character at vital as Ms. Marvel,” Houser said. “Teaming her up with some of the darker heroes of the 616 shows just how bright her light really is. “

Each issue will also have a collection of variant covers by some of the industry’s leading artists, including three stunning pieces by superstar artist Peach Momoko. You can check those out below:








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