Even The Marvel Universe Is Confused About Its ‘New Captain Marvel’

Marvel’s new Captain Marvel is causing some serious confusion, as the public does not realize that the hero is something else entirely.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel # 38 by Marvel Comics

Carol Danvers has disappeared, and the new Captain Marvel who stepped up in her place, Binary, is causing serious confusion in the Marvel Universe. In Captain Marvel # 38 by Marvel Comics, the energy being tries her best to take on the responsibilities of Danvers. Still, those watching her in action are confused about who she is and her connection to the original Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is currently missing in the Marvel Universe, as the hero mysteriously disappeared upon returning to Earth after finally stopping Vox Supreme. To defeat him, Carol Danvers accidentally created a sentient energy being similar to her Binary form, which has quickly become one of her allies. Binary, who is extremely powerful but is still learning about who she is, has been trusted into the role of the new Captain Marvel after Danvers disappeared. But stepping in for the Avenger has caused considerable confusion on Earth, as the general public isn’t sure what to make of Binary, mistaking her for Captain Marvel in her Binary form.


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In Captain Marvel # 38 by Kelly Thompson, Juan Frigeri, Alvaro Lopez, Jordie Bellaire, and VC’s Clayton Cowles from Marvel Comics, Binary steps in for Captain Marvel on Earth, teaming up with Spider-Woman and the Avengers on a series of missions. While Binary is still learning about humanity, language, and basic etiquette, she makes a quick impression on the general public. In a series of TV interviews shown in the issue, the public raves about her as a hero. However, her real identity causes confusion.

Captain Marvel Identity

Understandably, the interviewees from the Marvel Universe believe Binary is Carol Danvers in her most powerful form. Which, considering Captain Marvel has taken on a similar fiery appearance before, is not entirely farfetched. However, the general public confusing Binary as Danvers, with a man even mentioning he has an old superhero card with her as Binary, hurts the energy being replacing Captain Marvel. Not knowing what she is, Binary struggles with her identity, questioning whether she’s Carol or her own individual. With all the responsibility she’s suddenly tackled with Danvers disappearing, Binary has not had much time to examine her own existence and humanity. So, hearing people mistake her for Captain Marvel confuses her about who she really is.

Hopefully, when Captain Marvel returns from her mysterious disappearance, Binary gets the chance to learn more about herself, her role in the Marvel Universe, and is given a chance to separate from the hero. While Carol will always be one of her closest allies, given that she created the energy being, Binary deserves the opportunity to discover who she is and forge her own path away from the Carol Danvers. Otherwise, people in the Marvel Universe will continue to mix her up with Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel # 38 by Marvel Comics is in stores now.

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