What’s Next for America Chavez?

After watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s clear that America Chavez is here to stay. What’s next for her in the MCU?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has managed to bring with it some of the most beloved characters in cinematic history. From Tony Stark to Peter Parker, the MCU is packed with heroes for the audience to relate to and root for. Thanks to the high level of output from Marvel, there are 28 films released, with over 10 currently in production. A great number of characters have been introduced as regulars and have recurred throughout the MCU. In the recently released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessa number of new characters were introduced into the MCU for the audience to enjoy.

Aside from the many cameos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a new character introduced to the MCU is young America Chavez. Portrayed by Xochitl Gomez, America is a new character introduced in Doctor Strange 2 as the target of the Scarlet Witch, who wants to steal America’s ability to travel the Multiverse. Still so young, America has no control over her powers throughout the majority of the film, but she eventually gets the hang of it. Now, many are left wondering what’s next for America Chavez?


Where We Last Saw America

The scene at the end of Doctor Strange 2 shows America Chavez training in the Mystic Arts with Wong and his students at Kamar-Taj. While this does not scream that she will take over as Sorcerer Supreme in a sequel, it does give the audience insight that America is here to stay and that her character will return. The fact that the scene shows her training to better control her powers displays her commitment to improving her abilities and becoming a stronger sorcerer. Considering that throughout the majority of the film, America is unable to control her powers, if she were able to have full control over them, her powers could rival that of Doctor Strange himself.

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Potential Future Appearances

Per Screen Rant, America Chavez is considered the most powerful teens within the MCU. As such, her presence would only elevate the franchise thanks to her natural talent for spells and magic. The ending of Doctor Strange 2 has made it clear that America’s time in the MCU is just beginning. She is now a student of Kamar-Taj who is helping her hone in on her powers. Her future is still uncertain, but it’s entirely possible that she could become a part of the cast should Marvel pursue a new generation of Avengers. Indeed, with the introduction of Kate Bishop, Elijah Bradley and the Maximoff twins, and the upcoming debut of Ms. Marvel and Cassie Lang, it appears that the MCU is assembling the Young Avengers, or some form of it.

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America Chavez: Solo Film or Disney + Series

While nothing has been officially released about the future of America Chavez’s character, many fans are wondering, with the new direction towards women superheroes leading their own movies and shows, if America will be one of those characters. She played a major role in Doctor Strange 2, and we’ve learned a considerable amount about her character. That said, there is more to discover about her past and there is great potential for a whole film or series revolving around her progression in her magical talents. Per CBR, America may be the MCU’s first Nexus being, which is someone of considerable strength and power. As such, there’s plenty of potential material for the MCU to work with.

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