Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Reportedly Had Talks to Head Up the DCEU

According to a new report, Kevin Feige had talks with Warner Bros., and his expertise could be hunted down again.

It is fair to say that everyone wants a Kevin Feige on their team when it comes to building universes and establishing long-running movie franchises. While the Marvel Cinema Universe has seen Feige putting in a lot of work to ensure that the interconnected series of films and TV series run coherently, it seems that at one point Feige was in talks with Warner Bros. to head up the DCEU, and new Warner Bros. Discovery head David Zaslav could well approach him again.

It was some years ago now that the idea of ​​fusing cinematic movie releases with adjoining TV shows was banded around by Ron Howard in relation to his original Stephen King’s Dark Tower project, but it was shot down as being unviable and no one would be interested in having to keep up with TV shows to enjoy the movies. Under the guidance of Kevin Feige, that is now exactly what has happened with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it looks like with the right team behind it, and the right franchise, people are more than willing to invest in a cross-medium project. It is therefore not surprising that someone just like Fiege would be hunted out for the DCEU. According to a report by Puck, that Feige-like person could still be Feige himself.


“Zaslav could make another run at Feige, who, I’m told, talked pretty seriously with Warners a few years ago when he was angling to escape the oversight of Marvel’s then-madman CEO Ike Perlmutter. (Iger and Horn ended up siding with Feige, smartly.) And Warners has in the past reached out to Louis D’Esposito and other key Feige deputies, with no luck … Zaz has been looking, but given Feige’s stature in town and the inevitable comparisons between Marvel and DC, this is among the most thankless high-profile gigs in entertainment. ”

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Kevin Feige Has Become A God Amongst Men For His Marvel Work

While Kevin Feige might just say that his work with Marvel Studios is the same as any other role, having watched many others attempt to build franchises and fail, the work he has done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe has pretty much secured the future of superhero movies indefinitely. While over the years superhero movies have come and gone frequently, with the likes of Superman, Spider-Man and Batman all reaching peaks and then occasionally crashing down spectacularly, it is hard to imagine a scenario when superhero films are not popular again, specifically Marvel movies.

The DCEU started out well enough, with fans on board Zack Snyder’s vision for the likes of Batman and Superman, but following his departure from Justice League that all fell apart quickly. While there have been some highs for Warner Bros. with the likes of Aquaman, there is very little connectivity between the movies and that has effectively stopped Warner Bros. achieving anything like Disney and Marvel Studios have produced. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe has its vocal critics, there is no denying that the franchise is untouchable as the biggest entertainment franchise in the world and nothing can currently touch it.

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