Could Ms. Marvel have ties to the comic book team The ClanDestine

Ms. Marvel premieres on Disney Plus on June 8, and while viewers already know that there will be some changes to Kamala Khan’s powers and origin in adapting her to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we do not know exactly how those things will differ from comic books or how they’ll be explained.

But a line in a previous trailer explaining the origins of Kamala Khan’s bracelet, which appears to be the catalyst for the development of her powers, may hint at how Kamala’s MCU origin as Ms. Marvel could be changed to tie back to a remarkably obscure bloodline of hidden, empowered beings from Marvel Comics: The ClanDestine.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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“Who the hell are the ClanDestine?” most of you may be asking. And maybe more importantly, how could one of the least known concepts ever potentially adapted to the MCU help fill in the blanks on how Kamala Khan’s origin as Ms. Marvel will change from comics?

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