Iron Man’s Most Powerful Armor Should Belong to the MCU’s Ironheart

The following contains spoilers for Hulk # 7 and Thor # 25, now on sale from Marvel Comics.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Tony Stark’s arsenal has always been his Hulkbuster armors – the most powerful in his stockroom. Many fans were excited that the concept came over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Age of Ultron. There, Stark showed off the armor’s capabilities, not to mention Bruce Banner himself got a crack at wearing it in Avengers: Infinity War.

Interestingly, Marvel Comics just introduced the most powerful one yet in the Celestial Hulkbuster, so Stark could take down Starship Hulk in the Hulk and Thor books. Given the spectacle and bombastic nature, though, this weapon should be brought over to the MCU as soon as possible, especially as the perfect pilot is about to make their debut.

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This Hulkbuster has so much potential for the big screen. The powerful armor can drop massive bombs on Hulk while taking seemingly catastrophic hits. It can even siphon off Hulk’s gamma energy, truly giving Stark an equalizer against the Jade Giant’s might. Given how intimidating it is, whoever pilots it would be wielding a game-changing tool. This is where Riri Williams can step up.

Riri’s set to debut in the MCU TV show Ironheart and seeing as Tiamut, the Celestial shell left over after Eternalsexists, Marvel Studios can have the young genius working on it. Black Panther’s Shuri, as a mentor, can provide the resources and her own intellect to help create the planet’s ultimate protector, preparing for if the Hulk ever breaks bad. The armor would also help counteract an armada from Thanos or the Kree, more Celestial threats, the Chitauri, or even rumored villains like Galactus or the Annihilation Wave.

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This will also put Riri up there with Mr. Fantastic’s genius level intellect. It’d certainly add impact to the MCU and give her added prominence, especially knowing how destructive the armor was in the comic books. Hulk and Thor were shaken by it, which means Riri will become one of the planet’s most feared assets. As a young Black woman, she would be inspiring tons of fans and science lovers as well, while remixing how Stark himself had to cope with the idea of ​​instruments of destruction, even before he donned the suit and became an Avenger.

Honestly, it’s easy to see Marvel Studios using Riri to add to their equality, diversity and representation efforts. This can even craft a comedic arc with the kid wondering how someone so young is supposed to care for such a big weapon of mass destruction. This would give Riri her own “with great power, comes great responsibility arc” paralleling Spider-Man’s own MCU journey. Ultimately, Riri’s potential is readily apparent. It’s about time to inject more youthful figures as the MCU eyes a more cosmic focused future. Veterans such as Captain Marvel and Nick Fury are wonderful characters but should not be the sole sources for interplanetary stories. Riri, as Iron Man’s heir, would get to be one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, proving someone so young and inexperienced should not be underestimated.

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