Moon Knight Brings a Surprising MCU Power into Official Continuity

Teleportation is more so a power that Moon Knight wields in the MCU rather than in the comics, but a recent comic officially makes the ability canon.

Warning: contains spoilers for Moon Knight # 11

Marvel often has a tendency to tweak the origins, personalities, and sometimes even the powers of their comic properties once adapted for the big screen’s Marvel Cinematic Universewith Moon Knight being the most recent example. In the character’s television show of the same name, the character is seen teleporting, so to speak for lack of a better term. Using the word “teleport” perhaps puts it mildly, but with the help of Khonshu, Marc is able to transport from country to country and back again within an instant.

For instance, in the Disney + Moon Knight series’ second episode titled, “Summon the Suit,” Steven begrudgingly arrives in Egypt at the persistence of Khonshu, who forces Marc to black out. Upon waking up, he sees that he has already arrived from London to Egypt, seemingly within a day’s timespan. It is almost the equivalent of fast travel in a video game or teleporting, only rather than vanishing out of thin air like Nightcrawler, Khonshu essentially opens portals for Marc to go from country to country within minutes. Though Moon Knight and Khonshu might not rank high among Marvel’s gods, this is till an impressive ability. This is not an ability that Moon Knight had in the original comics, but it is an ability that has officially been canonized during the current run of Moon Knight.


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In Moon Knight # 11 by Jed Mackay and Alessandro Cappuccio, Moon Knight is on a tight schedule trying to stop Zodiac from destroying his Manhattan territory, The Midnight Mission, and all of the neighbors around it. Knowing that he can not make it there in time on his own, Moon Knight begrudgingly summons the father he previously rejected, Khonshu, by means of prayer. Khonshu opens a mystic path for Moon Knight, similar to the Egyptian gods opening a mystic path for Khonshu to hear his testimony during the show’s third episode, “The Friendly Type.”

panels from Moon Knight # 11

What makes this particular ability so interesting is it comes with a price for Moon Knight, as any request to Khonshu typically comes with a price. It remains to be seen what that price may be, but it highlights both the severity of this new power and its efficiency for Moon Knight. Obviously, this will not be a power that Marc will use often because it always comes with a heavy caveat of a price, but it will forever highlight both the power and urgency this power wields whenever he feels compelled to call onto Khonshu for it.

On the plus side, it adds a new ability into Moon Knight’s arsenal for whenever he has another moment of desperation like the one he faces in Moon Knight # 11. Moon Knight’s powers have always come from his mental disorder and Khnoshu, so this new one is perfect for him. It may be a power that did not exist for Moon Knight until the Marvel Cinematic Universe came along, but it certainly will prove to be a useful one in his comic’s future.

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Moon Knight # 11 is available now from Marvel Comics!

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