Ms. Marvel: Series Premiere Review

Ms. Marvel premieres on Disney + on June 8, 2022. Below is a spoiler-free review.

Coming of age stories and superhero powers are a winning combination, with every iteration of Spider-Man demonstrating that high school is an ideal backdrop for dealing with a unique form of growing pains. The MCU’s Phase Four TV roster expands further with Iman Vellani’s introduction as Pakistani American teenager Kamala Khan in the vibrant first episode of Ms. Marvel. Whereas the recent MCU series Moon Knight avoided even mentioning the beloved Avengers characters, Ms. Marvel takes a significantly different approach with its lead character literally wearing her Captain Marvel fandom on her sleeve.

The premiere quickly establishes Kamala’s internal conflicts, home life, and the fantasies that occupy her every waking thought. Preview clips have revealed the significant changes from the source material regarding the origin of Kamala’s powers and how they manifest, which Kevin Feige has already addressed. Ms. Marvel is another piece in the expanding MCU, but thankfully, it also shines on its own. Questions of identity and belonging are a repeat superhero theme. Still, showrunner Bisha K. Ali is not doing a paint-by-numbers origin story with a multiculturalism twist. Instead, the first episode keeps the heart of the comic book while exploring how this beloved character fits into the MCU landscape in a visually arresting and fun manner.

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