X-Men Vs. Eternals: Who’s Stronger?

Marvel’s summer blockbuster event — AX Judgment Day (by Kieron Gillan, Valerio Schiti, Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles) is fully underway, and readers get to witness a brutal battle reminiscent of Civil War. With the position of Prime Eternal being passed on to the treacherous Druig, a war has erupted between the Eternals and all of mutantkind with the Avengers scrambling to deescalate the conflict before the entire planet becomes collateral damage. Mutants, now considered to be “excess deviation” by the Eternals due to their immortality protocols, face possible extinction as Druig ignites a war unlike anything the fledgling nation of Krakoa has seen thus far. Now fans are left wondering — who is stronger — the X-Men or the Eternals?

Tensions are reaching their breaking point as Druig seeks to unite his race in their largest war yet, while the X-Men are scrambling to keep it together with not only the Eternals’ attacks but also the damage caused by the revelation of their resurrection technology. The Eternals will stop at nothing to destroy both Krakoa and Arakko, and the X-Men will not back down from the fight. In the opening salvo of Judgment Day fans get to see exactly how powerful both teams are.

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Since Druig is missing some of his most powerful allies due to the schism amongst the Eternals in Judgment Day, he’s forced to get creative with his plans for genocide. When their original plan of using the anti-matter bomb created by Domo fails, Druig opts for a multipronged attack on Krakoa that has devastating results. The assault begins with the Uni-Mind, a powerful combination of psionic powers to target the Krakoan Quiet Council as a distraction while Jack of Knives attempts to eliminate The Five. While he is able to kill Egg, he is repelled by Wolverine before he is able to eliminate the rest. While he was unsuccessful this time, he still leaves them with the knowledge that Krakoa isn’t nearly as safe as the X-Men thought.

As if these attacks weren’t enough, Druig unleashes one of the Eternals’ most powerful weapons — The Hex. Conjured to be their ultimate weapon, these beasts take over Krakoa. They are so powerful that they were able to kill omega-level mutants repeatedly. If not for Egg having a backup version of himself who kept on resurrecting the mutants, the monsters would’ve sunk Krakoa without a shadow of a doubt. Although the Hex is extremely powerful, the true power play is the last prong of the attack. Uranos, Thanos’s great uncle, is released by Druig to expunge every mutant on Arakko, and the extremely powerful Eternal kills almost every single mutant on the planet.

Even though the mutant race has its back against the wall, it’s far from backing down. When the Uni-Mind initially attacks the Quiet Council, countless telepaths of the group are able to overpower it — a testament to the power these characters possess. The Uni-Mind is one of the Eternals’ greatest weapons but Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and multiple others are able to not only stop the attack but also reverse it to attack the Eternals. These X-Men could very well be mutantkind’s greatest weapon against their new foes. This also spells trouble for Druig whose main ability is to dominate minds and these mutants treat his powers like they’re nothing.

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However, psychic attacks alone won’t be enough to stop the Eternals, but the X-Men have more tricks up their sleeves with massively strong characters like Exodus and Magneto. Although Exodus is briefly killed by a Hex beast, he swiftly comes back after his resurrection and kills one himself. This shows that these beasts can be defeated with enough force. Magneto on the other hand, while failing to do much at the moment, is seen rising back up with energy bursting from his gaping wound. Furious, Magneto’s unbridled rage proves to be an invaluable tool.

The story so far has seen both teams struggle, leaving readers on the edge about who will ultimately win this fight. The Eternals are some of the strongest characters Marvel has to offer. However, the X-Men are the most capable team in Marvel’s history and seem to have the upper hand. They’ve faced extinction multiple times before and have always come out on top, and their psychic advantage might help them win this bloody war. The X-Men also have a superior form of resurrection — allowing them to be revived in the blink of an eye. No time is wasted in bringing anyone up to speed, they’re battle ready the minute they’re revived.

Throughout Marvel’s existence, fans have never seen a war for survival quite like this one. And things are shaping up to get even more intense in the coming issues of Judgment Day. Both teams are ready to wipe the other out entirely, but only one group can win. While Druig may have initiated the first strike, the mutants are still superior in the battle as long as they stay united. While physical strength is good, it can’t win the fight on its own, teamwork and strategy are far more important. The X-Men have already shown that they are far more competent when it comes to working as a cohesive team, and that is what makes them stronger than the Eternals.

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