Marvel Revisits CrossGen With a First Issue Collection in November

Marvel Comics is revisiting the CrossGen imprint with a new collection issue featuring four separate titles and releasing in November.

CrossGen Tales #1 collects four separate stories originally published in the early 2000s. Featuring work by Mark Waid, Ron Marz, Barbara Kesel, Butch Guice, Brandon Peterson, Ben Lai and Greg Land, CrossGen Tales #1 includes 2001’s Ruse #1, 2000’s Mystic #1, 2000’s Sigil #1 and 2001’s Sojourn #1. The synopsis for the collection reads, “Surprising tales from a universe of fantasy, folklore and science fiction! The debut issues of four of the signature titles from the 21st century’s most innovative imprint — and some of the biggest names in comics — offer a window into other worlds! In RUSE (2001) #1, Detective Simon Archer and his assistant Emma Bishop face magic and mystery on the Victorian-esque planet Arcadia! In MYSTIC (2000) #1, meet sisters Genevieve and Giselle — one is a sorceress , one is a socialite, but their destinies are about to be transformed! In SIGIL (2000) #1, a planetary union is locked in a centuries-long war with the starfaring Saurians! And in SOJOURN (2001) #1, the archer Arwyn and her allies fight for survival in the shadow of the undead dictator Mordath! But who are the Sigil-Bearers who unite these four stories?”

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What is CrossGen?

CrossGen, also known as Cross Generation Entertainment, was originally founded as an independent comic book publisher in 1998 by Mark Alessi. After Alessi purchased the MegaCon fan convention in 1999, the company debuted its first book, CrossGenesisin early 2000. CrossGenesis introduced readers to the Sigilverse, a shared universe in which future CrossGen titles would all be seen, while also outlining characters and additional worlds that would go on to be featured in upcoming books.

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The company went on to put out a number of titles over the following four years, including 2000’s Meridian2000’s scion, 2001’s Crux2001’s Negation and more. After changing its name to CrossGen Entertainment Inc. in 2003, the company unfortunately filed for bankruptcy in 2004. The Walt Disney Company acquired CrossGen’s assets the same year. In 2011, Marvel began reviving a small handful of CrossGen titles, four-issue miniseries for Ruse, Sigil spirit Mystic. Two more CrossGen titles — Route 666 spirit Kiss Kiss Bang Bang — were announced for 2012 release but were never published.

CrossGen Tales #1 features cover and variant cover art by Paco Medina. The collection releases Nov. 2 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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