Robbie Reyes evolves from Ghost Rider to “All-Rider” this November

Robbie Reyes is the latest hero to bear the mantle of the Ghost Rider, although his path to becoming a Spirit of Vengeance is remarkably different from – although still connected to – the origins of his forebears such as Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch. And now, in November’s Avengers Forever #11, Robbie will undergo an evolution of his powers and identity – and possibly in his entire relationship with the Marvel Universe.

In Avengers Forever #11, Robbie discovers that not only is he unique in the Marvel Multiverse, with no ‘Variant’ versions of him existing in any other realities, but he’s also got a special destiny in the Marvel Universe with powers that go far beyond those of your average Spirit of Vengeance.

To meet that legacy, he’ll take on the new identity of the ‘All-Rider’ in Avengers Forever #11 – although your guess is just as good as ours as to exactly what that entails.

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But judging by some clues from previous Avengers stories, there’s a solid chance it has to do with Robbie’s ability to pilot and Ghost Rider-ize all kinds of vehicles, from his own well-known Hell Charger muscle car to a full-on reanimated Celestial .

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