Captain America Confirms His Shield’s Coolest Ability in History

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Steve Rogers reveals the absolute coolest ability for his vibranium shield

Spoilers ahead for Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #3

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Steve Rogers reveals one of the coolest shield abilities ever. While certain Marvel characters like the MCU’s Ultron have admonished the creation of Captain America’s vibranium shield and seen it as nothing more than a glorified Frisbee, the comics are proving it’s so much more than that. Thanks to its unique makeup, Rogers’ classic shield is incredibly versatile as seen in this new issue.


In previous issues of Sentinel of Liberty from writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly with art by Carmen Carnero, Steve Rogers has been uncovering the major conspiracy and shadow group known as the Outer Circle. Learning that they have some sort of role in the creation of his shield, Captain America was shocked to discover that his shield is a symbol for their dark work known as the Century Game, having pawns in every major organization he’s ever fought and/or worked with such as Hydra and SHIELD.

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Now, Captain America faces off with the Outer Circle’s mysterious and vibranium-covered agent known as The Redacted in the new Sentinel of Liberty #3, tasked with taking Rogers off the board by any means necessary. Duking it out in an experimental German power plant, Steve forces the Redacted’s retreat before unlocking a secret message engraved within the shield itself (left for Captain America by the shield’s creator). Following the message, one of the Outer Circle’s leaders known as the Machine rigs the power plant to explode, hoping to end the Super-Soldier right then and there. However, Captain America is able to use his shield to effectively surf across the molten river below and survive the blast.

Not only did Captain America actually lava-surf with his shield in this issue, he was also able to feel the surging power below him during his battle with The Redacted through the vibrations in his shield, using the electricity to brutally shock his foe. Clearly, Cap’s shield can do far more than deflect bullets. As such, it’s always fun when Marvel creatives find new ways to make Rogers’ primary weapon of choice even more useful (and super cool).

While Captain America’s shield carries a dark symbolism representing the Outer Circle who leads, the two Inner Circles who obey, and the star representing the Super-Soldier who’s meant to be their greatest pawn, it was always the creator’s hope that Rogers would resist that role and make the shield his own symbol. Now that Captain America knows the truth, here’s hoping he can truly reclaim his shield and what it’s actually meant to represent. Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #3 is on sale now.

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