Tatiana Maslany Couldn’t Stop Laughing While Filming One Episode 1 Scene

She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany says that she couldn’t stop laughing while filming one specific Episode 1 scene. In an interview with Variety, the actress said that trying to talk to Smart Hulk and Jennifer Walters was kind of difficult. During a segment of the episode in the Gamma Lab, her character has a talk with Bruce Banner. However, not laughing at the big cardboard face hovering above Mark Ruffalo’s head was a bit of a challenge. There’s a lot of visual effects going on over with Marvel. (And a ton of talented people working very very hard to get it done.) It can be a bit surreal to be acting against so much negative space. But, Maslany got the hang of it before too long. However, that doesn’t stop those initial moments from being a bit silly. Check out what she had to say about getting acquainted with that cardboard.

“I think I totally forgot I did that,” “I completely forgot that there was one scene where we were in the lab, and Mark had that face on and I was having to talk to it and I couldn’t stop — I was laughing the whole time. Like, the whole scene, is me shaking. I couldn’t do it, because it is really destabilizing.”

Elsewhere in the piece, Maslany mentioned how interesting the filming environment between her and Ruffalo was. Both of them had to wear those suits and do their best to deliver a performance like it’s a normal conversation.

“Yeah. In all those scenes where we look great on camera, we’re actually both just in gray PJs with helmets on our heads and these cameras in front of our faces,” she added. Sometimes you’re walking on a platform, if you’re working with an actor who’s not also a Hulk, so that their eyeline is actually looking up at where your face would be. Or, alternatively, you’ve got this stick on your helmet that has like a frozen She-Hulk smiling face, and they’re talking to that. So really, as much as it’s a burden to be wearing this stuff for myself as an actor, I think it’s harder for my scene partner, because they’re having to imbue life into this cardboard face.”

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