Is She-Hulk Worth the Hype? + Breaking Bad vs. Better Call Saul

The CB Nation Crew discusses how Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law measures up to both the hype and the hate; we debate whether Better Call Saul’s ending makes it better than Breaking Bad; PLUS we do quick-shot mentions of some hot content out there right now – including Westworld Season 4 and the crazy bonus episodes of Netflix’s The Sandman!

Is Better Call Saul Better Than Breaking Bad?

In his breakdown, host Kofi Outlaw writers:

Thematically, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul almost achieve opposing goals: Breaking Bad details the cost of a good man turned evil; Better Call Saul details how an evil man ultimately seeks to find some good in himself. In that sense, both shows are equal in terms of effectively achieving their respective storytelling goals.

In terms of getting people to actually sit down and watch, Better Call Saul doesn’t really have a lot of wide access points without Breaking Bad as a precursor. Even if you’ve seen Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul still takes some major adjustment to get used to. Breaking Bad, meanwhile, is about as easy to fall into as any crime thriller ever has been.

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