ICv2: ‘Sentinels MK4’ and ‘Sentinel Prime MK4’ Descend Upon ‘Marvel: Crisis Protocol’

Atomic Mass Games will release Sentinels MK4 spirit Sentinel Prime MK4for Marvel: Crisis Protocolinto retail on October 14, 2022.

The Sentinels MK4 miniatures pack comes with two deadly sentinels designed to hunt mutants. They are equipped with plasma blasters, electric blasters, and catch-web cables as well as having overpowering physical strength. The pack also comes with 2 Character Stat Cards and 3 Team Tactic cards to help players add these robots to their squads. This pack will retail for $64.99.

The Sentinel squad is led by Sentinel Prime MK4, which is a new higher-level robot. It features superior weaponry and protective holes to make it even more dangerous to mutantkind. It will retail for $49.99.

Atomic Mass Games also unveiled Ursa Major & Red Guardian spirit Crimson Dynamo & Darkstar Character Packs for Marvel Crisis Protocol (see “The Winter Guard Forms”).

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