Marvel Fans Are Celebrating X-Men Red As Cancellation Rumors Get Debunked

Marvel re-launched the comic series X-Men Red in 2022, as part of the new “Dawn of X” era in X-Men lore. The new book (by writer Al Ewing and artist Stefano Caselli) sees a mix-matched team of mutants come together to form a faction of X-Men on the Planet Mars, which has been terraformed by mutants into a second home, for the violent mutants from the gladiatorial otherworld of Arakko. Featuring Storm, Magneto, Sunspot, Cable, and some colorful Arakkii warriors, X-Men Red has been a major standout from the crowded X-Men line.

After the release of X-Men Red #6 this month, it seemed like Marvel fans were hyping the book like never before. However, due to some confusion (likely with the original X-Men: Red series) a rumor started to spread that X-Men Red (2022) was headed for cancellation before its first year in print.

As you can see below, Al Ewing is shutting down all rumors that X-Men Red is on the way out, as fans celebrate the epic work he’s doing on the series:

X-Men Red is NOT Cancelled

As you can see, X-Men Red writer Al Ewing has addressed the cancellation rumours. After some covers for X-Men Red got leaked, fans saw a team shot cover for X-Men Red #10 and thought it signaled that the series would be ending with issue #10. As of now, that is definitely not the case.


X-Men Red #10 Cover Revealed

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Here is the cover for X-Men Red #10 that got all the panic started. As you can see it is an echo of the series’ first issue.


So Much Goodness to Come…

X-Men Red is setting up some of the most significant developments in the X-Men Universe right now. Don’t sleep!


Let the Man COOK

Whether X-Men Red is canceled or not, Al Ewing does, indeed, need time to cook.


It’s All In The Name

X-Men Red’s two iterations have brought out some of the best writing talent working in the business (Tom Taylor, Al Ewing), even if the series has had a hard time staying alive. Respect the name.


Favorite Characters Elevated

Arakko is a world where mutant strength is valued above all else. In that environment, characters like Magneto, Storm, Jean Grey, Sunspot, Cable and others have all gotten big new arcs to play with.



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